Two battalions will teach Americans to swim in the Aegean Sea

Courage and threats against US military presence in Crete and Alexandroupoli, Mesut Hockey Casein, adviser to Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

On a television program, Cousin spoke of problems in US-Turkish relations, threatening to shut down US bases operating in Turkey and shutting down ships for US ships, according to the Greek newspaper Pro Thema.

“We can also close our military bases for US troops. Let the Americans pick up their radar (this is NATO radar from Croatia). Besides, this radar doesn’t work for us, so the air base also works. Ingrylic is no longer as important as it was during the Cold War, but I have to say the following: America already Why are we protecting Americans in English because it has taken its patriotic organizations from Turkey? ”There are US bases in Bulgaria and Romania. Condoleezza Rice said: “But how will the Americans pass their ships when the Turkish waters close?” Mesut Hockey said in a statement.

Cousin also spoke about the US presence in Crete and Alexandroupoli, where two battalions threatened to “teach Americans to swim in the Aegean Sea.”

“In relation to Crete, I have mentioned the island of Crete 10 times in the past. It is a small island with a length of 260 km and a width of 65. I can not control the area because US air defense is stationed there.” Alexandroupoli (a Greek who plans to build a naval and air base) City). Our two battalions will teach Americans how to swim in the waters of the Aegean Sea if they enter, “said an adviser to President Erdogan.

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The United States has imposed sanctions on Turkey over its acquisition of Russia’s S-400 air defense system. For its part, Ankara “condemns and rejects unilateral sanctions” against it.

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