Twitter is testing some sort of ‘like’ button


22 July 2021 14:03 GMT

The micro-blogging service said it was a test and the functionality was a ‘downvote’ test.

Twitter announced on Wednesday that it was testing a new feature that allows users to press a kind of ‘like hate’ button. In the images attached to the release, you can see some web users reacting Arrows or thumb In other people’s tweets it points up and down.

“Some of you on iOS may notice different options to increase or decrease responses. We are testing this Understand the types of responses they relate to In a conversation […] Your votes from below are not public, while your votes from above will be displayed as ‘Like’, “the company’s tweet said.

The micro-blogging service noted that this is a test, the results of which will be used in the pending study. Furthermore, he stressed that the so-called ‘bottom vote’ is not equivalent to the ‘like hate’ button and does not affect the sequence of answers in a thread.

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