Turn off Bluetooth when not in use?

Bluetooth is a technology that accompanies us every day through various devices such as smartphones, tablets, speakers, headphones, watches, etc., which allows us to connect them together and use their services. This is many times We will implement itA practice, even if it is widely used, should have a series of considerations when we do not use it.

Do not enable Bluetooth for these reasons

Technology is advancing very fast. One consequence of this is that the Advice or truth What we thought we knew about a particular technology is not what it was a few years ago. Some time ago we looked at some tips to extend the battery life of your smartphone.

Sometimes, advise that we’re a drag from a time when batteries were different. The same goes for another general piece of advice, which says it’s always better to stay connected. Leave activated Bluetooth functionality on our devices… but it’s not always the best, really.

And no; The fact is that it is not good to keep Bluetooth activated when we are not using it or not connected to it. This is for no other reason than because we can be vulnerable at other times when we have mobile data open. But what do we have in it?

You can be very vulnerable

You know, what it does is connect different devices through one Radio frequency connection on the 2.4Ghz band As you can imagine, it’s constantly sending data, and the main reason is that it’s not a good idea to leave it on forever.

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These links are standardized to such an extent that they are very useful on a daily basis and generally, once they are activated they do not deactivate again for a long time. Because Wi-Fi or 4G and 5G connections may not be complete, but the reality with Bluetooth is that once the connection is enabled, it’s only later. Always has.

It may seem that keeping a mobile device’s Bluetooth on all the time doesn’t pose a problem for a smartphone in any way, but any cybercriminal can take advantage of it. For data theft Or worst case scenarios.

That’s why disabling it reduces the remote attack surface of devices and can prevent them from accidentally connecting to unknown Bluetooth devices and services. Or what is the same; It should be activated only when used actively.

It is best if it is enabled only during active use

Otherwise, this wireless connection is the main way for hackers to enter our mobile. They try to intercept some of the messages we send Confidential information Then log into our personal accounts.

As well as changing the data we send to impersonate and de-identify ourselves. Below we show you the various dangers that affect Bluetooth connectivity and what steps you can take to protect yourself.

  • Bluebucking. These types of attacks are more serious and exploit ‘bugs’ in device identity to gain complete control of the device. Attackers’ goals are diverse, from cyber espionage to data theft, spreading viruses and creating botnets (computer robots).
  • Man-in-the-Middle Attack. One of the main risks of having Bluetooth enabled is the well-known man-in-the-middle cyberattacks based on threats to communications. It consists of an attacker who gets in the way of the connection between two devices, allowing him to read what is being sent and change that data.
  • Blue Jacking. Another danger Blue Jacking, which consists of sending spam between Bluetooth-connected devices. In this case, the attacker uses a computer protocol to send unsolicited messages to the victim via a vCard (personal electronic card), a note or a contact. It usually uses the device name itself as spam.
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As you can see, it is best to disable Bluetooth Once we don’t use it. We may have the advantage of a better or faster connection with other devices, but this weighs very little if we take into account the fact that it poses a risk to the information stored on the device.

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