Trump defends Texas drivers surrounding Biden bus, while presidential supporters block traffic in New York and New Jersey.

The battle for the presidency has hit the road.

Over the past few days, supporters of President Trump have disrupted traffic. In Texas on Friday, Trump supporters circled the Biden campaign bus, while in New York and New Jersey on Sunday, Trump supporters stopped traffic on two major highways.

On Sunday, the FBI said it was investigating the Texas incident. Biden described it as an attempt to lead his team “off the road.”

But Mr. Trump backed Texas drivers in a post on Twitter Sunday night, saying, “In my opinion, these patriots did nothing wrong. Instead, the FBI & Justice should investigate terrorists, anarchists and insurgents of Antiba who are burning down our Democratic-run cities and hurting our people! “

When his spokesman, Jason Miller, was asked about the events in New York and New Jersey, he made a similar plea that “illegal, violent Biden supporters in Washington businesses should climb the windows in anticipation of the uprising” Tuesday night robbery. ”

During the Texas incident on Friday, Many vehicles carrying Trump flags and insignia Biden-Harris surrounded the campaign bus According to Democrats, the move from San Antonio to Austin forced the Biden campaign to remove two events.

“We are much better than this,” Mr Biden said during a campaign rally in Philadelphia on Sunday. “It simply came to our notice then. We need to change that. “

Then, on Sunday, Mr. Businesses of Trump supporters were besieged Government Mario M. Cumo Bridge And Garden State Parkway, two days before Election Day, blocking traffic on two of the busiest highways in the New York metropolitan area.

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Videos taken by motorists showed supporters of the president parked in the middle of the western lanes of the current bridge that carries Interstate 287 across the Hudson River, and the current governor’s father, Andrew M.

Many of them left their vehicles in the rain and waved Trump banners and American flags.

The episode took place at midnight, before the caravan lined up on the shoulder of the state in Downtown, NY, before driving on the span, which converts the Tappan Gee Bridge and connects the districts of Rockland and Westchester.

State Senator David Carlosi, a Democrat representing Rockland County, called the siege of the bridge “aggressive, dangerous and irresponsible,” saying individuals “endangered themselves and others.”

“The New York State Police must act to identify these individuals and charge them,” he said. Carlosi said. “We all have the right to show support for the presidential candidate, but we have no right to endanger others and break the law.”

New York State Police spokesman William Duffy said troops were monitoring the protest but were not arrested.

“The bridge was never closed,” Mr. Duffy said traffic was restored. State police said traffic was briefly halted three times.

In New Jersey, a caravan of Trump supporters blocked traffic on the northern lane of Garden State Parkway near the cheesecake service area in South Ambay, according to videos and local media.

New Jersey State Police did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Interruptions erupted on Sunday amid rising tensions in the election.

In Georgia, Democrats said they decided to hold a virtual news conference instead of a private event in Floyd County, where Mr. Mr. Trump for holding a large rally in the county seat Rome during the Corona virus epidemics. Mr. Democrats said they did not want to hold an event in person because they were concerned about the presence of “big fighters” in the city drawn by Trump’s rally.

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“He seems to be fueling the fire of fear and hatred,” said Wendy Davis, a Democrat and city commissioner in Rome. “We have reason to believe that there may be people looking for trouble today. Our friends in law enforcement were busy defending the president internally. With great caution, we said we were going to expand.”

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  1. too bad it wasnt one of those newfangled self-driving buses
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