Trump, citing Hamas attacks, promises tougher immigration policies if he wins in 2024

(CNN) –– Former President Donald Trump said on Monday he would reinstate and expand a travel ban on people from majority-Muslim countries, freeze immigration and aggressively deport people he described as “jihadist sympathizers” if re-elected. “

During a campaign event in Clive, Iowa, Trump mentioned Hamas attacks in Israel and raised fears of a possible attack on the United States as he sought to defend his tough immigration policies. His proposals would amount to a radical overhaul of the US immigration system and would almost certainly face legal challenges if implemented.

During his presidency, Trump’s travel ban was a signature policy that limited travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries: Iran, Libya, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Syria and Yemen. The government later expanded the ban to include several African countries. President Joe Biden repealed the measure after taking office in 2021.

Trump also said he would implement “stronger ideological controls on immigrants to the United States” and said the United States would prevent “dangerous lunatics, enemies, fanatics and fanatics from obtaining residency in our country.”

He also said he would ban travel from Gaza, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Libya or “any other place that threatens our security.”

The former president added that he would revoke the visas and deport students of “radical anti-American and anti-Semitic foreigners” enrolled in American colleges and universities. Trump criticized pro-Palestinian protests and said he would send Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to what he described as “pro-jihadist demonstrations.”

“We have to protect our own country,” Trump said.

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