Trump became the fifth U.S. president to refuse to attend the inauguration of his successor

US President Donald Trump announced on Friday that he was not going to attend Inauguration of national team Joe Biden On January 20, Biden welcomed Trump’s decision, restoring his memory to the 4 people who did the same thing, the last of whom resigned and separated himself from the long-standing tradition of American democracy, by not attending the 1974 inauguration of his deputy, Gerald Ford, and the inauguration of the late Richard. Nixon 1994, just 81 years old.

But if you want to know who is not in the process of establishing his succession in months History of American PresidentsYou have to go to the place where suddenly Andrew Johnson of the Democrats decided in 1869, at the last minute, not to attend the opening ceremony of the Republican Party in 1885, Ulysses S., who was suffering from laryngeal cancer. Grant. read his biography, and he was tortured for a whole year. One thing that was very difficult to treat there, until he died, was 63 years old.

Between the two, there were long and complex disagreements because Johnson was the famous vice president of Abraham Lincoln, who was assassinated in 1865, the year after he was assassinated, and because he was “racist in attitude and orientation,” Grant confronted him again and again, especially in the Grand Army. The American at the time was commander-in-chief, and Johnson once fired the Secretary of Defense and wanted to replace him, and found unlimited support from Secretary Grant, who was the first to support the attempt to isolate Johnson through Congress, so the two were plunged into intense hatred for years.

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Before them and on the day before his successor, John Adams went down in history as the first American president in 1801, who won an election in which he tried and failed a second time, although the ceremony was one of the most popular and most important presidents at every level in the United States. Described as one. If not the first of them, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, died July 4, 1826, the day John Adams died. Strangely, this was decided by his son John Quincy Adams, who refused to attend Andrew Jackson’s inauguration in 1829.

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