Troclio talks about Javier Portillo’s return to Morason against Real Spain and praises Jorge Alvarez


Pedro Troclio Speaking of which he is a sensible technician. Coach of Olympiad, Despite winning 2-0 in the first leg of the final against Real Spain, know he is back. San Pedro Sula Be angry.

Argentina is not crazy about success, but he knows it’s important that they come up with an advantage for Morason, a ground he described as “tough” because of the environment the machine fans cause.

He said at the press conference:

Return to Morasan: “We know it’s been a very difficult year and semester, and many of the players who have worn out have been called up to the national team. Jose Garcia is admirable, we defend well, the truth is that they reach us, a little, it’s important. We know, we did our first part, it is our duty, now we have to try to take care of him there, I hope it will give us, we can enter into the history of this club ”.

What to do to keep equipment from falling: “Football is a new story every weekend, it does not mean the same thing can happen, you can go and play a big game and win. Every start is a new story, but we have to be more precise, you can not go too wrong, we were lucky to score two goals but in the first half we got four clear situations, and we have to be very effective, especially when it comes to defining a final .. We will try to be efficient.

Fan support: “People have always supported us, we all had only one sad and worst moment, it was in Suriname, where we feel a little sad, because if there was anything in this group we would know what happened. Took advantage, it hurt so much, the only way to cover it up is to try to become a champion, we swear we can win it, but there is always the support of the people.Only we know we did nothing wrong, the situation got out of hand.

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About George Alvarez: “George is a different player on the team, he gives you the size of the game, he gives you quality, I do not believe in models, but the most beautiful models are provided by good players. He is a different player. , In 15 minutes his physique starts to take its toll and I did not see the final match so I decided to remove him. He is an impressive player, he is the one who gives me the game and you have players like him ”.

Games in Morasan: “For me, playing on the Morasana will be very difficult and we all know that the court is very complicated. With so many people, against a team that plays well, you have to try not to let them raise your spirits. You can go back, but to play and increase the score, we took the first step. , But still have a long way to go.

Do not despair: “We’ve already talked into the dressing room, it’s logical and clear, if a big team reaches such an event and wins 2-0, everyone believes it’s already closed, it’s not for me. Support for ideas is very clear, but as we win here we know they can beat you there, it becomes clear that people are helping, and the shout comes with you.

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