Triple recharge + 5 GB + Unlimited Internet at dawn

If you are someone who likes to surf the internet at dawn, this promotion is for you.

Throughout the month of March 2023, customers making international recharges worth between 250 and 1250 CUP will have the possibility to triple their recharge, 5 GB browsing on all networks valid for 30 days, and best of all, unlimited internet from 12 o’clock. morning until 7:00 a.m

How does the upgrade work?

The promotional offer is that when making an international recharge of between 250 and 1250 CUP, the customer will get three times the recharged credit. For example, if you recharge 250 CUP, you will have 750.00 CUP in your main balance. In addition, you will receive 5 GB of browsing on all networks valid for 30 days and will be able to surf unlimited during the early morning, from 12:00 am to 7:00 am.

It is important to note that the unlimited internet will be valid until March 31, 2023, so you will have a full month to make the most of this promotion.

How can I activate the offer?

The promotion will be activated automatically the moment you receive the international top-up. Remember, the minimum amount to bid in this promotion is 250.00 CUP and the maximum amount is 1250.00 CUP.


What networks are included in 5 GB of navigation?

5 GB of navigation is available on all networks and is valid for 30 days.

When will 5GB and unlimited internet be activated?

5 GB for unlimited surfing and internet is activated at the time you receive the international recharge.

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How long do I have to take advantage of the offer?

The offer will be valid throughout March 2023, from 00:01 on March 1 to 23:59 on March 31, Cuba time.

Don’t miss the chance to take advantage of this offer and enjoy triple recharge, 5GB of browsing on all networks valid for 30 days and unlimited surfing at dawn. Grab this opportunity and stay connected with your friends and family throughout the month of March 2023!

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