Travis Kelce is set to accompany Taylor Swift on her “Eras Tour” tour of Australia

The father of NFL star Ed Kelce revealed his son may travel to Sydney to support his girlfriend at her upcoming concert (AP Photo/Natacha Pizarenko, File)

NFL star Travis KelceUnder serious consideration A romantic trip to Australia and Singapore To be next to his beloved pop star Taylor SwiftDuring his next performance in these countries with his tour Eras Tour. This gesture of love expressed Dad of the player, Ed GellsHe also shared intimate details about Personality Swift and his Appreciation The relationship between his son and the artist.

In an interview The Sydney Morning HeraldEd admits he talked to him At tight end of Kansas City Chiefs After Super Bowl LVIIIIn that he got his Third win in a row He gave details of his conversation with his team on the San Francisco 49ers. “I asked him: Are you going to go? Sydney?, and appeared desire” he explained of his son.

However, nothing is certain due to their busy schedules, which always seem to vary. Although Travis said “ I like very much See Sydney and Singapore,” according to his father, the chief star “I'm not sure because he has commitments.” It can make your journey difficult.

Travis' father assured her that Swift is far from a diva because “she doesn't understand the musicianship thing. She doesn't know how to achieve that. That says a lot to me.” (AP Photo/Nick Wass)

That hasn't dampened their enthusiasm to support Taylor, who plans several shows in both venues as part of her Eras Tour. At the age of 34, the artist will fill Akkar Stadium Inside Sydney, Australia It will continue its journey thereafter with four shows from February 23 Six dates are sold out At the National Stadium Singapore From March 2.

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Father-in-law of the translator Anti-heroEd Gells also recalls the moment he met her: “I was at Travis's house I don't recognize herMy girlfriend is not attracted to me.

The relationship between Taylor and Travis Not only United For both celebrities, but also for them families. Ed revealed it He became good friends with Scott Swift, Taylor's father, has one important detail in common with him: a love of American football. “Scott played football in college, so he loved that. I think that He wants his daughter to date an American football player, not a musician”, he remarked in a mocking tone.

Ed revealed that he has become good friends with Taylor's father, Scott Swift, with whom he shares his love of American football (Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports)

Beyond family ties, this closeness extends to the singer's lifestyle. In revealing statements, Ed praised Taylor and described her as “Very warm and friendly” At private and public events Despite being “probably the most famous person in the world.”Behavior that pleasantly surprised the Kells family.

“He loves football A good example during games. “I was so shocked, during the Super Bowl, me and my teammates left trash near us, and when Taylor woke up, she stood up, picked it all up, and threw it in the trash,” Ed shared.

In many cases, the translator Shake it off Do not hesitate to participate Simple tasks like cleaning the garbageAccording to Ed during an interview People Last October. “We're sitting on set and she gets up to have a drink or something and she starts talking. Collect empty bottlesThere are cans and plates scattered around,” he said.

Here's what Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift said to each other amid Kansas City Chiefs celebrations

Travis' father explained, and with this, Swift showed her humility and authenticity: “I don't think she got the diva memo. He doesn't understand the cute musician thing. He did not know how to achieve it. That tells me a lot.”

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Ed Gells showed himself Surely That's his son and Taylor “each other”, despite the difficulties they may face due to their busy schedules and the public attention their relationship receives. “I won't pretend I don't careHe's my son, and I worry about him because I'm sure they're going to have some challenges in the relationship,” Ed said. “But They seem to fit well Eventually they have to find their way together.”

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