Transfermóvil increases its operations and achieves a record number in Cuba

Regarding e-commerce, Arevic explained that payment for electricity services through this method rose last year to 50.38%; Telephone services rose to 87%, tax payments to 57.68%, and gas payments to 43.36%.

Transfermóvil with history in Cuba and its latest update

Last December, a new version of Transfermóvil, the Cuban app that makes it easy to make online payments from your mobile phone, was launched on the island. The team responsible for the project announced some of the updates and improvements included in this new version, and it is now available for download.

According to this information, and with the latest version V.1.231214, it is now possible to open your tax account simply and quickly without having to visit a bank. With the update of Transfermóvil, various “economic actors” also have the ability to create their own tax bank account directly from their mobile phone.

Etecsa launched Transfermóvil on February 10, 2015 in cooperation with the banking system, focusing on the implementation of payments for public services; By 2018, it was integrated into the e-commerce development line, strengthening cooperation with Cimex Business Group.

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