Traffic accidents in Cuba have increased by 13%

In the last 10 months of this year, there have been 6,965 accidents on the roads in Cuba. This figure is 12.8% higher than the same level in 2022.Last Wednesday, November 1, a report was submitted with data on this topic. In these unfortunate events, 562 civilians lost their lives and 5,643 were injured.

However, these values ​​are below the previous year’s deaths and injuries, 0.7% and 8.6%. The Director of Transportation of the National Revolutionary Police (PNR), Colonel Roberto Rodríguez, addressed the reasons for the incidents on Cuban roads. The Inspector General of Police further said that collisions between vehicles caused more casualties.

Causes of accidents

Rodríguez explained that the drivers involved in the accidents were either speeding or driving distracted. Other reasons cited by the colonel include non-compliance with traffic priority and defects in vehicles. 68% of those who died reported these violations.

Along with this information pedestrian indiscipline and electric or fuel powered motorcycles contributed to 58% of the deaths. 31% of deaths were caused by groups of vehicles attempting to overtake others in the wrong manner.

Roberto Rodriguez also pointed out that deaths are the result of not using helmets or safety belts. The official did not talk about some of the factors that contributed to the tragic events on the Caribbean island, such as the poor condition of the streets and cars.

In the summer of 2023, more than 1,000 accidents resulted in 72 deaths and 543 physical injuries. From January to May, 3,620 cases were registered in the largest streets of the Antilles. During this period, 290 people died and 2,807 were injured.

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