Top Nascar Star’s Hobbies That Keep Them Happy

As much as Nascar drivers are famous for sliding around a track- a mind-blowing event to watch, they have other things they do for fun and in their leisure time. Deer hunting, playing poker for real money online casino, and cooking are activities they do when they are not racing with speed.

You will find them thoroughly soaked into the following competitive hobbies in these particular moments of their free time. 

Deer Hunting

One of history’s most fantastic NASCAR championship holders, Smoke, has been hunting for more than 30 years. Following his passion for deer hunting, he recently put his ranch on the market, making it one of the most valuable listings in Indiana.

Tony Stewart, Smoke, has won three NASCAR series under his belt and is also a part owner of superstar and Stewart-Haas racing.


London Cassil, currently racing for the Kauling racing team, is famous for his poker skills- he started the same time he began running. He has participated in major high-profile poker tournaments, including StormX Invitation Tournaments.

Cassil is a well-known NASCAR driver who has participated in several races, the major ones being the NASCAR cup series and the Xfinity series.

Not long ago, he landed a seat with prominent entrepreneurs and celebrities- all impressive players. He did not put in his best effort, but luckily he’s got time to practice until the next round.

Cooking And Virtual F1 Racing

Nicknamed Pied Piper of Daytona due to his track record of his success, Dale Earnhardt decided to follow his passion for cooking after his retirement. 

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Although he is known for unconventional tastes, like the uncommon “strangewich,” consisting of mayonnaise and bananas, he has specialized in other meals like barbeque and biscuits.

Dale took after his father as a successful NASCAR driver. Even Though he is known for his father’s legacy, Dale built a name and a title for himself when he took home Daytona 500 twice, in 2004 and 2014, after winning 26 times in the cup series. 

In addition to that, he has consecutively won the Most Popular Driver Award 15 times, from 2003- 2017.


Danica Patrick, the woman who set waves after joining the IndyCar racing scene, decided to follow after finer things in life after her retirement. In 2006, Danica launched her wine company on the flanks of Howell mountain-this was after she visited Napa Valley and found inspiration for wine. She named her estate Somnium, which means “dream” in Latin.

Aside from that, Patrick has kept showcasing her multimedia appeal; as an interviewer of top celebrities and athletes, and a television sports analyst, among others. 

She has also appeared severely in the top 100 most influential people and top female athletes. Danica was among the first women who won the Japan 300 and set the pace for racers worldwide.

Running The Boston Marathon

Jimmie Johnson has maintained his title as one of the most famous NASCAR drivers in history. Aside from winning the NASCAR cup championship around seven times, he has won the Indianapolis 500 in addition to being a champion of the Daytona 4 times and the Bakersfield 400 in 2016.

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Boston is actively involved in marathons, which is his favorite way of staying active. In 2017, he completed his best race, the Boston Marathon, in 3 hours,9 minutes, and 7 seconds.

He also actively participates in other endurance occasions, including the Ironman Triathlon.


It is adjacent to the thrill of appearing in movies and the world of TV. Every week, Corie LaJoie sanctions a podcast called “stacking Pennies” where he talks about his efforts and challenges that he comes across in his attempt to take home the championship. He also interviews other professional drivers regarding NASCAR and professional racing.

In his professional world, like Dale, Corie LaJoie has also taken after his father, who is a two-time NASCAR Busch series champion. Since 1996 when he began his racing career, he has set an impressive record as an award-winning professional racer.


For drivers looking to have an easy time and satisfy the thrill of being the best at something, golfing is where you find them. Due to their travel schedule, NASCAR drivers often find themselves close to the country’s best courses, where they compete.


The lives of NASCAR drivers go beyond speed racing. In most cases, they rotate around driving, traveling, and training. However, in a few moments, you will find them fully engaged in their hobbies that have ended up being significant parts of their lives. 

Most professional drivers have built other careers and successful companies out of their hobbies.

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