Tony Costa says he misses Laura Bozo and public reacts: “Oh Tony, if only you knew”

In ‘The House of the Famous’ Tony Costa and Salvador Cerboni remember Laura Bozo. He was eliminated from the final while enjoying a delicious coffee at the table.

Tony Costa expressed his love for Bosso coffee and added: “Larita, your madness that you brought into this house has failed here. It’s strange,” Costa said to the camera. This situation created reactions from the viewers and followers of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’. They even roasted her. Many of them pointed out the way Bozo Costa was referred to:

“Tony, as always, is a gentleman, and Mrs. Laura speaks very ill of him. That’s Tony.” “If he knew everything he said, that woman of his haha, that woman really has no boundaries”, “Thank God they took that ungrateful man out” “Laurita and she don’t want Tony, well, she don’t want Cerboni either,” “Haha, Tony if you only knew what Laura said about you”. “Tony, don’t miss her so much, Laura’s talking bad about you, you ungrateful girl,” “If You Knew My Tony”, “And the Lady Speaks” and “Oh Tony, If You Only Knew, What’s Skinning You!!! You will not be her toast!!!” These are some of the comments that can be read in the Telemundo publication.

Tony Costa is one of the four finalists of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ and at this stage of the reality show, he has the company of Yvonne Montero, Salvador Cerponi and Nacho Cassano, who left Daniela Navarro. He was the fifth finalist and started a romantic relationship with her last week when she was on the Telemundo show.

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