Tony Costa says goodbye to Alaya and says her heart is a thousand pieces

Tony Costa Left House of Celebrities2 And said goodbye to Alaya, His 7-year-old daughter. The Spanish dancer and choreographer shared a part of their farewell with his followers.

While they were in the car, Costa began recording a video. Alaya decided to give her dad a pink heart to hug that pillow while he was on the reality show. Realize that you are close to her.

In the speech that came with this emotional video, Costa reveals the feelings she felt after parting with her little girl without knowing how long it would be. Well, it depends on how long you stay on the Telemundo show.

Spaniard revealed that his heart was in pieces. This Dedicated message to Costa Alia, His daughter with Adamari Lopez, the Puerto Rican presenter of Hoy Tia:

“My heart was broken into a thousand pieces and I never felt anything like this when I said goodbye to my princess Alaya. This time it was different. It was a very heartfelt farewell. We cried a lot together. We hugged each other., It filled me with kisses and words, so beautiful love, feeling and At the same time very mature and emotional, as I write this, there are no tears in my eyes … I’m going. I miss her more than you can imagine, ”Costa began.

“If you see me hugging a stuffed pink heart, you know now from the video that it’s because Aloha gave it to me and her heart and mine are one. This is my life, this is my happiness, this is my everything, I feel incomplete without it, I I love you daughter, I love you wholeheartedly, Daddy is working to achieve a dream closer and closer, as you say, “Don’t worry Daddy, the days go by fast. I know what I can do, what I can accomplish, if God puts this plan in my path , I’m betting on one purpose, so here I am with 100% commitment, ”Spanier concluded.

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After finally done Announcement that Tony Costa is part of the personalities in The House of Celebrities 2, The dancer sent a message to the public:

“Get ready to see me 24/7, really get to know me, my history and where I come from, what I feel, and much more. I am a challenging man, very competitive, focused, and this project is the biggest challenge I have ever faced, but I go to the extent that God has prepared for me by engaging my soul in it with all my might. ” he said.

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Adamari Lopez is releasing a video saying that it is news for Tony Costa’s girlfriend Evelyn Beltron.

Exclusively on Tony Costa Evelyn Peltron: “If you have the person you love in your heart, no one else has eyes”

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