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Spanish dancer and celebrity Long live the sweet days in your love With whom do they now have a mixed relationship because of the work and family responsibilities that everyone has – The Mexican has a son from his previous engagement and lives in Austin with the boy, while the European lives in Miami. However, it is not a barrier for the two to meet every weekend and spend it like a fairy tale, as witnessed on the respective social networks.

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Taking into account both Tony Costa and Evelyn Peltron, traveling on boats, gifts and expensive dinners is part of the new couple’s itinerary in the United States. Not to mention millionaire personalities or artists.

When Costa and When they announced their separation in May 2021, it was speculated that the economic crisis might have been a factor as the 50-year-old Puerto Rican actress and presenter had reaped lifelong achievements and legacy, a slightly different fact to 38. -Aged Valencian dancer, she teamed up with him in 2010 after appearing together on a reality show. It was even speculated that the translator of “Amigas Y Competitors” would have been tired of being the house’s chief caretaker. .

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When will Tony Costa’s luck rise?

I could not help but ask how much the deity was in this context . The choreographer, choreographer, actor and Zumba teacher also has a business aspect, which started after earning income in the world of modeling and various TV shows.

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It is not surprising that the former partner of “Gold Shorty” has his own outfits like hats with his unique logo. That is, there is personal and productive income.

Now, step by step , With Tony Costa’s net worth of $ 1.5 million, there are good reasons to live with his new queen, Evelyn Peltron.

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Iberian maintains a romantic relationship with Evelyn Beltron. The two have a long-distance relationship as they live in different parts of the United States (Photo: Evelyn Beltron / Instagram)

How much does Tony Costa charge for the Zumba class?

As Tony Costa has over 2 million followers on Instagram, other sources of income for Spaniards come from advertising deals he has with different brands to promote their products or services through social networks.

Apart from this, there are his classes as a personalized and exclusive Zumba teacher. It was recently revealed how much the dancer charges for each class.

According to reports, each Zumba class – lasting 1 hour – was recently held in Orange, California and charged $ 30 per person. Also, it was revealed that he came to work with a total of 80 people and carried up to $ 2,400 in a single class.

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