Tony Costa broke the silence on the accusation of betraying Adamari Lopez

The couple confirmed their separation at the end of May (photo: EFE / Alicia Civita / file)

Around separation Adamari Lopez and Tony Costa have unleashed a series of rumors that the dancer is now seeking to fight, They always close teams towards her family to protect the emotional stability of the daughter born together, Alana.

The choreographer was questioned by journalist Javier Ceriani Live rumors, Where he finally broke the silence about his emotional state and how he approached the meditative division.

Costa He ruled that his breakup with Adamari was due to infidelity, But made it clear that there is still a chance for reconciliation.

“We don’t have to say anything Everything is a lie. People have to go to us in their hearts, we are always open to talk like we did, but We can’t tolerate lies because they are not fair. ” He told an Argentine spokesman.

He elaborated on the way they deal with separation, and he still sees the opportunity to repair the relationship they started 10 years ago.

“It’s an act that we go through like any other couple, we have to respect, time will tell everyone the best and we will be if it is to be together Otherwise, it is best to do it individually. Who knows. What I can’t do is force, damage, ”he stressed, so he talked about the opportunity to announce the wedding early last year.

“God’s time is right, and when God says we will get married, it should be like that. (Hope) there will be, I am sure because I am sure ”, he punished.

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He worries that little Alana is the only victim in dealing with their separation, so he asked for respect for the woman and himself and Adamari.

The opportunity for Tony Costa to step out of the way of praising his ex-partner and the change in his image in recent months: “I’m so excited about it (his weight loss), I have always been a great woman ”.

The choreographer promised that he was still trying to reconcile with the actress, so he did not rule out the possibility of getting married in the future (Photo: @ adamarilopez / Instagram)
The choreographer promised that he was still trying to reconcile with the actress, so he did not rule out the possibility of getting married in the future (Photo: @ adamarilopez / Instagram)

This is the first time they have approached the choreographer about their separation, which he and the actress and presenter confirmed a few weeks ago.

At the end of May, Adamari opened up about his break with the choreographer at a show he hosted in Telemundo. Today, On the verge of tears he talked about one of the most important decisions of his life, which comes in the middle of his process of regaining his image and improving a healthy lifestyle.

“I have decided to separate from Tony”, He said this in an American press conference this morning with a blunt and broken voice.

Puerto Rican actress and presenter featured as she decided to move away from her daughter’s father “Above all, I saw the importance of putting the well-being of my family first. This is the decision I made.”

The actress’ announcement came after several rumors about the separation of the couple, who had been very close for years and ready to face life’s crises.

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On that occasion, Tony Costa also spread his position on his emotional state. He explained it through a statement posted on his social networks Separation “Temporary”, So it opens up the possibility of a reconciliation.

“It was a 10 year relationship where we as a couple lived in incredible and memorable moments in which union and love led to achieving what we most wanted to be as parents. Alana is the presence of light, the fruit of our love, and now deserves to have love, joy and stability forever, ”he assured.

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