Tony Balardi bids farewell to “Top Chef VIP 2” after an awkward moment with chef Adria Marina

comedian from Veracruz, Tony Balardibecame the sixth evicted from last night’s cooking competition Telemundo, “Top Chef VIP 2″. Unlike other participants who dropped out reality showThe actor’s departure did not surprise his colleagues.

The truth is that yesterday was not the best Balardi Gala. Both of his dishes received critical acclaim from the jury Anthony Delivre, Adria Marina Montano And Juan Manuel Barrientos. Likewise, an awkward moment with a Tijuana girl displeased the other contestants.


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“(The dish) is called ‘To Adria with Love.’ It’s a beef tenderloin, sauteed onions with a red wine and truffle oil sauce and some potatoes,” The comedian explained.

Montano, visibly uncomfortable, told Balardi that she hadn’t followed any of his advice. “I don’t know whether to take this as a compliment or a joke on your part,” he continued.

In a sarcastic tone, the man from Veracruz replied that it was his first “Ignorance does not bring more fruit”, He did his best and that’s why it was a token of gratitude to the kitchen expert.

Participants want Laura Zapata, Helen Ochoa And John Paul Gill They responded angrily to their partner’s comments. Before knowing the judges’ final decision, many speculated that the actor’s approach would be approved.

“My experience on Top Chef VIP, my gastronomic experience was amazing. I learned to cook everything, make delicious sauces, make unusual creams”, Balardi said after hearing the sixth out of the season.

In this way, the former participant joins Lorraine Garza, Regina Orozco, Gilberto Gless, Serath, Johnny Lozada And KB Spanish, who are already out of the competition. The grand winner of “Top Chef VIP 2” will walk away with a grand prize of $100,000.

Carmen Villalobos will return as “Top Chef VIP” host. (provided)
Lorena de la Garza is a famous actress, singer and comedian who has appeared in film, television and theater in Mexico. (provided)
Johnny Lozada – Famous singer, host, actor and television personality born in Puerto Rico. (provided)
Helen Ochoa – famous singer and composer of regional Mexican music. (provided)
Jesús Moré – Mexican actor who has appeared in soap operas and television series in his native Mexico. (provided)
Genesis Churo – a famous personality from the Dominican Republic who won the love of the audience through beauty pageants and her work in the show “En Casa con Telemundo”. (provided)
Arturo Benich – Famous soap opera and serial actor, known throughout Latin America for leading roles as leading man. (provided)
German Montero – Popular regional Mexican singer from Sinaloa, Mexico. (provided)
Sara Corrales – soap opera actress, successful participation in productions in and outside of her native Colombia. (provided)
Laura Zapata – The showbiz star hails from her native Mexico. (provided)
Isis Serrat – Young model and actress who has participated in successful “reality shows” in Mexico. (provided)
Juan Pablo Gil – a famous actor who started his career in the stage adaptation of the play “Dodo Sobre Mi Madre” based on the famous film by Pedro Almodovar. (provided)
Cebas Villalobos – famous “influencer”, Colombian presenter and actor, classified as one of the most influential young people in the Hispanic world with millions of followers on social networks. (provided)
Gabby Spanik – Award-winning international telenovela star known for starring in hit network television productions in the United States, Mexico and her native Venezuela, including starring roles in original Telemundo productions. (provided)
Marisol Terrazas – Popular singer-songwriter, born in Chicago, Illinois to Mexican parents, rose to fame as one of the lead voices of the musical group Los Horoscopes de Durango. (provided)
Jose Gumps – Former NFL football player who was a member of the New Orleans Saints, as well as a contestant on the third season of Telemundo’s “Exatlon Estados Unidos”, was born in Brooklyn, New York to Dominican parents. (provided)
Gilberto Gless – One of the most acclaimed impersonators in the world of entertainment, having worked on various television shows in Mexico, Latin America, and the United States. (provided)
Tony Balardi – Famous Mexican comedian, his witty talent and great fun personality has managed to capture the hearts of thousands of people with his characters and jokes. (provided)
Eduardo Barquin – an actor of serials and soap operas, he brought his best talent to various projects, including “reality” type competitions. (provided)
Alana Lliteras – famous Mexican TV personality, who distinguished herself as a presenter, loved cooking from childhood, which made her stand out in important competitions. (provided)
Regina Orozco – renowned Mexican soprano and actress who has participated in opera, theater, film and television, where she stands out for her expressive vocal qualities, versatility, extensive handling of musical and acting styles, and her outgoing personality. (provided)

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