“To win a championship we need to strengthen ourselves at certain levels”


Raoul “Potro” cutress He did not think about abandoning the Aurinecro ship. The Mexican coach spoke with TEN After losing the final to Olympia Of the competition Opening-2022.

The strategist confirmed that he was already in talks to extend his contract with the machine for at least another year. He also praised the defeat to the Lions, which swept him 3-0 overall.

“Obviously no one wants to lose, now it’s a bitter feeling, associated with what it could have been. The only thing left is to find the next stage, it’s a champion,” he began.

To him ‘Gold’ cutress, Its progress was seen The real Spain During the period. “In the 12 months we’ve been here, the difference has been noticed, and we’ve put the team with the importance it should have, and looking for a championship is a pending issue.”

What did this Real Spain stop doing to avoid missing out or winning the title? “We gave a lot of advantage in the first game, everything was 2-0 conditions and here we had a chance to get closer, it ended in a counter attack, they killed us. We will not take advantage of those crucial moments. A final and highly competitive match will not forgive you.”

When asked about the machine’s continuity, it was clear that they were already evaluating its upgrade. “We’ve working with Mr. Elias (Burbara). I’ll stay for one more year. We’ll see how everything goes, so we can plan for next year.”

Finally, the Aztec Helmsman of the Honduran Runner-up Club has already evaluated the possible signatures. “The team is ready for more things, getting ready for work and strengthening us at some point to win the championship.”

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