Tired of noisy and interrupted calls? Activate this magical setting on your Android or iPhone

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If your calls often get dropped or you get interrupted while talking to someone else, this simple app-less trick will help you get a better and more stable signal to communicate.

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Smartphone owners may not know that their devices can make calls using Wi-Fi functionality, which improves signal quality as long as there is an internet connection.

“It's a useful feature that allows you to make calls on a Wi-Fi network instead of a mobile network,” operator Virgin told The Sun.

“Wi-Fi calling will work if you have access to a Wi-Fi network and Wi-Fi calling is enabled on your device. So, you can chat as usual even with weak mobile signal,” they added. So you can chat as always even with a weak mobile signal,” they added.

How to Activate Wi-Fi Calling Button on Your Android Cell Phone to Improve Signal?

Open your cell phone settings.

Look for the mobile service option or search for 'wifi calls'.

You will see an option that says 'WiFi Calling' is disabled.

Activate the option manually.

Secret button to improve call quality Photo: iStock

How to Enable Wifi Call Button on Your iOS Cell Phone to Improve Signal?

Open Settings

Go to 'Phone' option

Look for the 'Wi-Fi Calling' option

Activate the option manually

It's important to note that this functionality is available on most devices and can be used in places where your operator doesn't have coverage, as long as you have an internet connection via Wi-Fi.

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