Tigres Vs USA Match Summary (1-0)

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It had a sensational ending Tigers Was eliminated in the semi-final against America In Liga MX Femenil, The triumph of agony 1-0 It's not enough, at all Amazon They have conceded a goal and the overall score is favourable Eagles 3-2, So the Copa will enjoy a fifth final, meanwhile they have won two titles today. Opening Ceremony 2018 And it is Completion 2023; In Apertura 2022 and Apertura 2023 they fell in the championship series.

In the case tigers, They were eliminated from the finals for the fourth time in Liga MX Femenil history; This happened Opening Ceremony 2017, It was the first women's tournament and Pachuca eliminated the Tigers in the semi-finals; Then in Clausura 2022, with fall Sivas Semi-final and most recent took place in Clausura 2023 America, In the same event.

No comeback

It was an emotional first half, players UANL They don't seem to feel the pressure to go down 3-1 After Aida's meeting at Azteca, it wasn't until the second half Tigers This was all they needed to win by two goals to advance to the final.

At 53', Natalia Villarreal There was a play inside the area and that was the first goal Amazon, But his shot was almost dropped and the ball fell too gently to the capital's goalkeeper.

This was the beginning of many risky plays for the cat group, but Blue creams They managed to get out of trouble again and again; However, the local people continued to insist.

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A shot came in the 90th minute of the game Lisbeth Ovalle It had a goal label, but a goalkeeper Itzel Velasco Auriasul stole the goal from the player and made a save; This was followed by a penalty shootout with a volley inside the area.

Oval He was responsible for collecting the goal in the 92nd minute, adding excitement to the game as they needed just one more goal. America Out and four minutes on the clock.

They kept the ball in that area and came close to scoring, but the timing wasn't enough America And will be lonely in search of a star, the team's second win in Liga MX Femenil, first Tigers with six.

At the end, with the whistle blowing to define the first final, the fans in Volcan started shouting “Out Mila” because they didn't want to. Milagros Martinez As the coach of Tigres Feminine, he took them to the top of the regular competitions.

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