Tigers, you feel victimized by the umpire!

striped He built Tigers In the 99th minute and 24 seconds, the referee finally had to blow the whistle Classic Reggio 135 In the 99th minute, Goal tied the game at 3-3 before taking a corner kick.

Players and coaching staff complained Cesar Ramos They claimed to have been 'robbed' by adding another eight minutes, and then another minute, not satisfied with that, and continued the play until they reached almost 100 minutes of action.

Given this, The Tigers were not quiet And issued a statement to his fans, stressing that they were disappointed not only in the classic but also from the previous match that the referee had affected him.

The Tigers suffered in the final against the USA and in the Clasico Reggio

In Apertura 2023, the most memorable thing Dismissal of Raymundo Fulgencio In the second half Final against USA at AztecaThis weakened Tigres by having one less, putting the title in jeopardy.

Now the refereeing controversy has reignited with Clasico Reggio, in which Rayados' tying goal fell just after nine minutes of added time.

The Tigers have already launched a complaintUnwilling to remain silent any longer, he sent the report to his people knowing that they had informed the police. Federation and Arbitration Commission.

“To our fans:
We want to let you know that we feel the same way as you, the players, management and coaching staff of Tigres. I was disappointed with how the refereeing decisions affected us from the previous match.
We have repeatedly expressed our disagreement directly to Liga MX, the Mexican Football Confederation and the Arbitration Commission, not only because of various actions during matches. Various attitudes and attacks on our players.
The above is always with the main objective of continuing to support the best refereeing structure not only for our organization, but for all of Mexican soccer.
We will continue to work as hard as we can for better football for all.
“It's time to close the teams as a company and thank them forever for their unwavering support.”

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