‘Tigers have no ceiling’; Piojo Herrera loves headlines and follows Duga

San Nicols de las Carsa, N.L. /

The Tigers are on the roll In the final 2022Undefeated in eight games, despite the club seeming to be close to its football ceiling, The DD Miguel Herrera Thinks that They have no boundaries And hopes the titles will be available in full UANL.

“There is no ceiling, the roofs set by someone, we want to be as high as possible. If the team falls, this team will not win anything because you trust too much. When we come back we will think about Xolos, not thinking about anything other than the game every week. This team is here to lift the headlines and we need to follow Ricardo who left important scoresBut we can not think of a title if we do not go step by step, ”he declared.

El Piojo commented that Florian Thauvin’s goal This is not a coincidence, he told players during the week Stephen Androda Usually comes forward to cut the centers.

“I do not know if it’s right, but we wanted to scratch at that aspect, the players were attentive, we had to take care of their forward, but I told them, when they go for a cross, shoot towards the target, because Androda Aviva is a guy, striker When he lowers his head, he has the instinct to go forward and simply cut the cross. “

“If you see them doing it over and over again, Flo bends over and kicks actively, not looking at who is shooting center at any given moment, Many would say ‘centered’, but no; He kicked the target, which is what works during the week and the team does it well, ”he added.


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