Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend is demanding millions and voiding a nondisclosure agreement

Angels. The ex-girlfriend of American golfer Tiger Woods, with whom she had a relationship of about six years, is taking the sports legend to court to void a confidentiality agreement she claims she was forced to sign and seek million-dollar damages.

As TMZ reports, confirming that he has documents from the complaint, Erica Herman accused Woods of signing a confidentiality agreement at the start of their relationshipIn August 2017, now after their separation, they want to impose it improperly.

In the complaint filed Monday, Herman cites U.S. federal law that confirms that a confidentiality agreement cannot be imposed. “There is evidence of sexual assault or harassment”As explained by the aforementioned media, no further details were given on the matter.

The ex-girlfriend argues that the contract should be declared unenforceable under a federal law called “Speak Out” that prohibits the use of such contracts in cases of sexual harassment or assault.

The The whistleblower also points out that Tiger Woods is trying to “push” her into keeping quiet about their relationship.He wants to enforce the contract he signed, adds TMZ.

Celebrity media outlets indicate the two are no longer together, but don’t know when they broke up: “Although we haven’t seen Herman and Tiger together in a while, publicly, there are no signs of a breakup. The last time they went golfing was a few weeks ago,” TMZ reported.

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Erica Herman says Woods’ assistants packed a suitcase last October, convinced him to go on a “short vacation” without the golfer, and took him to the airport.. When they got there, they said they could not return home.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, the ex-partner alleged that one of the golfer’s lawyers even met him at the airport with a proposal to resolve any outstanding issues between him and Tiger Woods.

She says they seized more than $40,000 in cash from her home and accused her of obtaining the money in a “shady” way in a “shameful and defamatory manner.”

Former partner And Tiger’s trust is suing his house for $30 millionThat’s because she confirms that the house is of “reasonable rental value” over the five years that she can continue to live in it after she ends her relationship, according to the oral agreement the two signed.

The American golfer, who has been at the center of several scandals related to his personal life, has a total of fifteen ‘major’ tournaments in his career and finished 47th at last year’s Augusta Masters, of which he is a five-time champion. .

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