Three Ikea folding beds to save space in your room

Due to the pandemic, the time we spend at home is now greater and that forces us to optimize space to combine multiple tasks. Therefore, there are many pieces of furniture, such as folding and folding beds, to increase the available space of the house and make it much more spacious and spacious. Especially in small houses, this furniture has become essential since it can be folded, become sofas and even separated into two beds.

These are the three stackable beds from Ikea that will allow you to save space at home:

Change the modules and adapt them

A sofa, a beanbag or a bed. Vallentuna offers these three possibilities so that you can choose the one that suits you best at all times. You can combine and change the modules to your liking so that this furniture adapts to your needs. In addition, it offers four colors (beige, dark gray, black and orange) so that you can combine it with the rest of the room and have no excuse not to buy it.

Vallentuna allows you to change the modules as you prefer Ikea

A bed with many possibilities

When stacked the two beds can become a single or a sofa. When they are separated, they can give rise to a double bed, two singles or two sofas. This furniture It offers you endless possibilities that you can choose from at any time. What’s more, structures are light, so you will not have to use a lot of force to be able to lift and move them. As in the previous case, it offers neutral colors and a more attractive one for the most daring.

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This bed can be converted into two singles, a sofa or a double Ikea

A sofa bed for any part of the house

It is a firm foam mattress that you can use daily because, apart from becoming a single bed, it is small dimensions, so it looks good in any part of the house. It is very easy to handle, it does not weigh and you can buy it in various colors such as green, dark gray, light gray and even in a pattern with blue tones.

A foam mattress that serves as both a bed and a small sofa Ikea

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