Three common mistakes that can cost you the visa lottery

There are only four days left until registration for the 2025 visa lottery closes. In this article we tell you the mistakes you should not make in your registration.

Next November 7 The term ends So you can subscribe to Bombo. If you are someone who is planning to register these days, keep these details in mind so that you do not make any mistake.

Many applicants do not do their research well before filling out the form – Read File FAQ guideFor example – and they often make mistakes that cost them the process.

today, Cuban guide They summarize three common mistakes in the visa lottery:

1- Errors in name, surname or date of birth.

Although these errors do not directly affect the lottery applicant, because at the first stage it is impossible to check whether he entered the data correctly, if you are a winner, inaccuracies in the form can lead to a visa refusal.

If there are few, insignificant errors (for example, letters and numbers are mixed up), the consular officer can ignore them. However, if there are more serious errors, such as an incorrect date of birth, the consequences can be negative. In any case, everything will be decided at the consular interview.

Frequent mistakes in the visa lottery

2- It does not include all family members

If you do not register all eligible family members on the form, or if you add members you should not have, you may be refused a visa at interview. For example, if you are legally married, you must include your spouse, regardless of whether or not she lives with you. These errors are considered serious. What family members should you include? Check out this article.

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3- Inappropriate pictures

Photos for visa lotteries or diversity visas have very specific requirements. But perhaps the most important thing is that the photos you upload must have been taken within the last six months. If you submit the same photo you have used in other years, this will disqualify you.

Other common errors:

  • It is necessary to meet the education requirements (12th grade for Cubans). If you lie when registering and they find out at the consular interview, they will deny you a visa. Read the case of the Cubans Who lost $20,000 after winning the lottery and was rejected in Guyana for having a grade 9 education.
  • Fill out the form more than once. Each participant may submit only one form during the drawing. If a request is duplicated, it will be 100% disqualified.
  • Register on a third-party website. The only registration page for Bombo is

Are you ready to register for the 2025 visa lottery? If you still have doubts, we suggest youRead all our articles About the US immigration program.

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