This object from space hit the home of a resident of Naples, Florida

This object from space impacted the home of a resident of Naples, Florida. (Alejandro Otero/NASA)

In Naples, FloridaThe Pot identified an object from space affecting a local resident's home. After a thorough investigation, the US space agency confirmed that the device was part of its flight support equipment, part of a power upgrade. International Space Station (ISS).

The piece identified thanks to the cooperation of the owner of the house, Alejandro Oteroand analysis was conducted Pot It contains Kennedy Space Center, made of Inconel, a highly resistant material. With an approximate weight of 0.73 kilograms and a height of 10 centimeters with a diameter of 4 centimeters, this component Miraculously survived the atmospheric re-entryA fact Pot He expected this to happen in March 2024.

“The Pot “It is committed to operating responsibly in low-Earth orbit and mitigating risks as much as possible to protect people on Earth when necessary to launch space hardware,” the company said in a statement quoted by the agency. Fox Weather.

Alejandro OteroThe owner of the affected house expressed his shock to the media Blink: “I was shaking. I couldn't believe it. What are the chances of something falling on my house with enough force to cause that much damage? “I'm just so thankful no one was hurt.”.

Weighing 0.73 kilograms and measuring 10×4 centimeters, the fragment exceeded expectations from re-entry into the atmosphere. (Alejandro Otero/NASA)

The piece of metal went through the roof of the house Knoll, causing significant damage to both the exterior and interior of the property. However, there were no personal injuries as the family was on vacation at the time of the impact, according to published reports ABC News.

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Accordingly Associated PressThe hardware's re-entry into Earth's atmosphere began in March 2021, when astronauts ISS, used a robotic arm to separate nickel hydride batteries that had reached their useful life cycle. As part of the energy upgrade program at the orbital outpost, these batteries were replaced with new lithium-ion batteries. The set of discarded hardware weighed about 2,630 kilograms at the time.

Despite the agency's expectation that the entire hardware package would be fully consumed upon re-entry into Earth's atmosphere on March 8, 2024, only one piece managed to reach the surface, specifically the housing. Knoll. Therefore, the International Space Station will conduct a detailed launch investigation and re-entry analysis to determine the reason for the debris' survival and update the models and analyzes as necessary.“, pointed out Pot.

Experts from US space agency They use models to predict how objects will heat up and decay as they re-enter the atmosphere. These models are constantly updated based on specific details, especially after events where debris reaches land, such as this event. It is extremely rare for space debris to re-enter Earth's atmosphere and cause damage to property or individuals.

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