This is what modern Amtrak Airo trains look like in pictures –

In 2026, and manufactured by Siemens, modern Amtrak Airo trains will begin traveling to various sections and destinations in the United States, which, currently in production, will improve passenger travel, and operate in addition to the Northeast Regional, on other routes such as the Empire Service Virginia Services, Keystone Service, Downeaster, Amtrak Cascades, Maple Leaf, New Haven/Springfield Service, Palmetto, Carolinian, Pennsylvanian, Vermonter, Ethan Allen Express, and Adirondack.

This is new trains They will provide enhanced services to passengers, including modern and comfortable seating, spacious restrooms, and a contemporary dining experience, among other improvements to better serve all passengers.

This is how modern Amtrak Airo trains look in pictures

What will the new Amtrak Airo trains look like?

As the photos show, they will have roomy, comfortable seats with sockets for charging equipment, USB-C ports, holders for tablets and phones on the seatbacks, tables with larger trays, and adjustable cup holders.

The seat cushions will feature a shorter design, there will be more legroom, individual armrests and adjustable headrests, all with an emphasis on ergonomics.

The trains will have dedicated water stations, providing filtered hydration while reducing the need for single-use plastic bottles, while the Cafe Car will serve contemporary food.

This is how modern Amtrak Airo trains look in pictures

In terms of accessibility, the bathrooms and lobbies will offer a spacious design for people with limited mobility.

In addition, for passengers who have to carry luggage, there will be more storage space for bags.

This is how modern Amtrak Airo trains look in pictures

In terms of caring for the environment, you will produce 90% less particulate emissions in diesel operations.

This is how modern Amtrak Airo trains look in pictures

The all-new Amtrak Airo trains will run at speeds of up to 125 mph (201 kph).

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The first deliveries of units will begin in 2024, with commissioning starting in 2026, after the corresponding tests and certifications.

This video details what the new Amtrak Airo trains will look like:

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