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The universe is a very complex system to understand and study, due to its nature and the limitations of our existence, yet efforts to better understand the system we have developed have continued to progress, and also today we already have enough technology to deal with the phenomena that occur in the universe through a hypothetical approach, in some Situations, without the need to conduct an experiment, but to build the necessary tools in a computer to create simulations and provide them with the properties of the objects inside it, in order to model what would happen in a given situation.

Technological progress has led us to study under certain conditions completely intangible phenomena. Recently and after much work, even a universe that is capable of containing it in the universe has been formed.

n really small space.

The uchuu . simulation, is the most complex and detailed model of the universe known to date. It states that it “contains 2.1 trillion ‘dark matter’ particles in a space of 9.6 billion light-years in diameter”, which is impressive in itself, but it should be noted that this simulation does not cover any fixed point in history like the present, but rather It seeks to model the behavior of dark matter over a time period exceeding 13 billion years, taking into account the cosmic expansion of the universe.

With ambitious minds, the authors of the work sought to obtain sufficient accuracy to identify groups of galaxies and even huge amounts of dark matter, rather than focusing only on the formation of stars or planets.

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This is due to the fact that dark matter is a predominant component of the matter that composes the universe and is known to be fundamental in stellar formation and assembly, and for this reason it is considered more relevant to the study of these processes through virtual modeling to gain a better understanding of the phenomena that originated in the universe.

This recreation of the universe was a colossal feat, requiring 40,000 computer cores and 20 million computer hours, and initially the model was produced with a weight of over 3 petabytes, which equates to more than 3000 terabytes in a model only, but thanks for the high pressure that is made on it Only 100 TB can be matched.
The team that formed Uchuu maintained free access to a platform that could be consulted and explored uchuu . simulationFor Internet users interested in the topic.

On the other hand, thanks to this model, which collected such a large amount of data, researchers will be able to perform relevant simulations to support astronomical knowledge.

Finally, the study authors note that “future versions will include gravitational lens maps, galactic simulations, X-ray ensembles, and catalogs of active galactic nuclei,” anticipating a massive advance in astronomical science with a technology that allows it to be simulated in a more accurate way.

The information presented has been published in the journal Royal Astronomical Society.

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