This is the moment when Bad Bunny rejects Mayte Peroni’s kiss

Mite Peroni approaches Bad Bunny for a kiss, but he doesn’t notice (TikTok/@yayaaa.m/Telemundo)

Poor rabbit And RBD They met in distribution Billboard Awards 2023So some fans hoped that some collaboration between the artists could finally be confirmed, since on several occasions he claimed to be a fan of the Mexican group.

However, the video of the award ceremony Song of the Year – Sales It went viral because a Puerto Rican wanted to greet Mayte Peroni with a kiss.

At the ceremony, Mayte, Christopher Ugerman and Christian Chavez were officiating to present the award to the artist who won the song of the year by sales.

The singers were special guests and presented Song of the Year (X/@LatinBillboards).
The singers were special guests and presented Song of the Year (X/@LatinBillboards).

Shakira, Featherweight and Eslabón Armado, Fuerza Regida and Grupo Frontera, and Karol G were nominated.

Excitedly, the RBD members confirmed it Poor rabbit Titi asked me the winner. He rose from his seat, greeted some of the artists who extended their hands to him, and, coming off the stage, shook hands directly with Christian, then with Christopher, and finally with Might.

It was then that the singer tried to approach Bad Bunny to congratulate him, but He walked away. Baroni then had to blow the kiss from afar. In the end, everyone laughed as if nothing had happened.

Mite Peroni tried to approach the singer while wishing him a kiss, but he ignored her

Some internet users pointed out that the translator of beautiful eyes When others called him “uppity” and “rude” for not responding to the singer, he didn’t realize that Mite was approaching him to greet him with a kiss.

“Disaster, the boy feels like he doesn’t deserve it, and God won’t forget the boy who makes him win, gets what he has”, “Give me a prize?” His face. But his rudeness in front of a girl is worse”, “This guy is already very angry”, “What a shame, poor mite.”There were some comments on the video.

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Despite the awkward moment, the members of RBD were always upbeat at the Billboard Awards.

Bad Bunny doesn't realize that Mite is about to kiss him (TikTok/@yayaaa.m/Telemundo)
Bad Bunny doesn’t realize that Mite is about to kiss him (TikTok/@yayaaa.m/Telemundo)

During the celebration Billboard AwardsInterviewed by the Bad Bunny crew UnivisionComposed by Andrea Mesa Miss Universe Mexican 2021, and Carlos Adien.

The translator approached Andrea I behave nicely He saw the former beauty queen. For some, it became a gesture of admiration, while others accused the act of embarrassing Misa.

He was intimidated On seeing the girl, she was taller and more beautiful than him”, he wrote “He almost eats her with his eyes”, “Anyone looks at her, she is beautiful”, “It’s shocking to see her so closely”. Internet users in the pictures shared by Carlos Adian.

The Puerto Rican was very nervous in the presence of the former Miss Universe

Bad Bunny’s reaction to Andrea’s presence surprised some, as the Puerto Rican is currently dating one of the hottest models, Kendall Jenner.

Some said Benito forgot Kris Jenner’s daughter for a few seconds when she saw Miss Universe 2021.

However, during the interview with Andrea and Carlos, ​​Bad Bunny tried not to look at the model, because on several occasions she tried to avoid looking at the host, even mentioning that she did not know where to direct her gaze.

Bad Bunny spent most of his time staring at the ground (Instagram/@carlosaydan)
Bad Bunny spent most of his time staring at the ground (Instagram/@carlosaydan)

Internet users highlighted this situation with comments such as “I don’t say anything when I have a jealous girlfriend, but there are signs”, “I think Andrea made him nervous!”, “I was surprised that only he saw”. Below”, among others.

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