‘This is the moment’: Katia Eccazarita celebrated the agreement for women’s participation in science and technology

Signing the Women’s Participation Agreement in Science. Pictured are Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard and Katia Eccazarita (Syria).

The first Mexican astronaut to travel to space, Katya Eccazarita He was present at the signing A cooperation agreement to promote the participation of girls, youth and women in sciencein which Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard participated.

On May 11, the Chief of the State Department (SRE) led the signing, along with lawmakers, academics, researchers and more than 400 young people, so that new generations care about space research, Beside outer space activities.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs emphasized that the initiative, in addition to promoting scientific and technological development in the country, aims to ensure equal participation. “We will make Mexico reach its greatness; without them we would not be able to do it.”

In this sense, Katya Eccazarita recalled some of the challenges she faced becoming The first Mexican to go into space What he achieved in 2022 during the fifth manned mission of the company’s New Shepard rocket blue originin a flight of about 10 minutes at an altitude of over 100 kilometers.

Signing the Women’s Participation Agreement in Science. Pictured are Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard and Katia Eccazarita (Syria).

“This is an opportunity for the whole nation, to be different, to be a developer, to be an engineer, to innovate with Mexican technology; that that satellite, that rocket, that spacesuit bears the ‘Made in Mexico’ stamp,” said the astronaut. Recognizing Mexico for what it is.”

The chancellor added that feminism and gender equality are a key issue today, so it should help women to study and join more activities, which in some cases are not recognized, “will lead us to our greatness, to restore what we are from the origin.”

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For his part, Representative Javier Lopez-Casarin, Chairman of the House Committee on Science, Technology and Innovation, confirmed that the aim of the agreement is to make tools available to Girls and women to participate actively on issues related to outer space and space research.

“How do you accomplish great feats, like the one Katya did? It takes imagining we can and having the courage to take the first step. What we’re doing today is taking that first step.” Policy change in our country. We have the talent, the potential, we have what it takes and today we are showing that the most important element is the will. The legislator indicated that this first step is what characterizes dreaming of projects and turning them into reality.

He was pleased that the consultant made a promotion Innovation and technology focus on womenin order to “change the reality” of Mexico.

The head of the Senate Science and Technology Committee, Jorge Carlos Ramírez Marín, asserted that if more women pursued jobs in this field, poverty could decrease in the country, given the large number of women. employment gapwhich will be dealt with in the agreement.

There are currently Mexican engineers and specialists working in Mission Artemis Internationalled by NASA and the European Space Agency, which aims to return to the Moon in 2025 on a flight piloted by a female astronaut.

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