This is the best representative of the “bread with meat” group.

Alexander Otola gave his opinion Interview by Irela Bravo for El Mannero And the Cuban actress decided to be part of the group “Bread and meat” immigrants.

“In this project, we call the Cuban community trying to achieve status in the U.S., repeatedly siding against the dictatorship, and showing the people inside, called Peaceful Life. How much they have prospered while the island continues to suffer,” noted Otala.

The influencer believes that Irela came across as a “cowardly” and “vague” message at all times during the interview.But at the same time he made it clear that even the disillusioned Cubans on the island had stopped believing in the revolution and the system, a reference to the artist's ageless mother, who encouraged him to settle.

“They are used to support from outside the island and depending on what the survivors can give them,” he said.

Despite tense moments during the speech, Otola, who hugged the Cuban actress and host at the end, called the entire interview a “hands-free room” and a “kick in the stomach” from the ICRT. He was always an image of intolerance.

Alexander Ottola listed and commented on some of the more tense moments of the conversation in his post-interview show, saying that Irela tried to maintain the same posture he had shown in previous interviews since arriving in the United States.

When asked about the possibility of a change in the political system in Cuba, Irela Bravo said that the “Cuban political system” is not known to followers around the world.

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To Otola Such an answer is “an old woman who is completely indoctrinated and ignorant of reality,” a blind faith in “the false empathy of the dictatorship of the free world.”

“Those people don't live in Cuba,” the artist admitted succinctly, implying that one comes from outside and the other suffers from within.

While not daring to mention the word “leaders” at any time, Irela Bravo said that in Cuba “people must change and adapt to how the world is evolving,” “to current trends.”

However, on several occasions he dropped the ball and noted that poverty, scarcity or hunger were universal phenomena with wide representation outside of Cuba.

Irela Bravo attributed the Cuban crisis to a decade marked by poor decisions and unproductive ideas.

“Recently nothing has worked… We never had plenty before, always had shortages, always had problems… A little hope… Everything that has been tried in the last 10 years to reverse the situation has ended in failure,” he said.

Although it was a decade in which Cuba was the most obvious Soviet satellite, Ottola was dispassionate in assessing the adaptability shown by the actress, who described the 80s as a wonderful decade.

“Here you see the general thinking of this generation of Cubans: we were better off in the 80s, justifying the government's horseplay, absorbing from other places without producing anything,” Otola said. Airela Bravo's scale is “a direct thermometer in the armpit of the island”.

Despite the extreme difference in criteria, the two never lost their tone during the interview. She insists on calling him “Ele,” though she gets overwhelmed in a moment or two, and doesn't hesitate to fire off an irony or two.

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“I must take the knife here and throw myself on the marabou, and the thorns fall on me,” said he first; “I feel like I'm having a class with Professor Ottola in a classroom,” he said at another time.

Alexander Otola says Irela Bravo says he doesn't believe he'll ever be the same again after the reaction the interview caused.. He thinks he's going to “correct those records.”

“I was looking for a change,” the influencer, posing as a teacher, recalled Irela Next time you don't miss the words “freedom”; “dict-ta-dura-ra” and “re-stress”.

In the past few hours, exiled Cuban doctor Alexander Raúl Bubo Casas said he was disappointed by the attitude shown by Irela Bravo, which he said he saw. “Fear of the truth and complicity with lies.”

“In Irela I saw a guilty generation, a generation that deeply regrets the mistakes it made. I saw that cowardly generation that refuses to accept that its life is based on the most taught lie, even if the truth is on its face,” the Cuban doctor, living in the United States since July 2021, attacked on Facebook.

The Cuban doctor said he was saddened by the assurances that there are millions of Cubans on all shores, not thousands like the famous actress.

Airela Bravo admitted in the interview that she stayed in Miami to improve her family's quality of life on the island and her own life. Something he defined as the act of “survival”.

News that Irela Bravo will be visiting Miami in December. Given to Ian Padron in the initial interview He admitted to staying in the US for a long timeAlthough at the time he did not agree that it should stay.

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The actress will participate in the comedy show “Havana in Hialeah”. In it he plays “Cachida”, the same character he played in the popular Cuban TV show “Vivir del Cuento”.

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