This is Shakira’s stipulation against Clara Xia in her divorce from PQ.

That Shakira Y Gerard PQ They announced that their breakup was big news. However, what seemed like a very normal break ended up being the rosary of dawn. After various rumours, the couple recently officially ended their relationship with a divorce signed by both of them, many points of which are clear.

An agreement where many points are clear, as well as nuances of the concept that were not known until now. As the days go by, more details of the end point of one of the fashionable couples over the years are revealed, but the nuances of the concept sealed by both protagonists and Shakira added a clause. Going up against his ex-partner and his new girlfriend, Clara Chia Marty.

Shakira’s clause against Clara Chia

With the final break between the two, Shakira has shown that her intentions to leave Spain are firm. The Colombian singer will move immediately – some are talking about the end of this year, 2022. MiamiFrom where you can continue your life PQ And, thanks to his new songs ‘Te Felicito’ and ‘Monotonia’, his collaboration with Ozuna has once again boosted his music career. ShakiraAdditionally, she is moving to America with her children Milan Y SashaAfter agreeing to this in custody with a Piqué, a move to the other side of the pond could be considered, but that would be contractually prohibited.

That is the latest information PQAs it is already known, he does not intend to change his residence in the short term Barcelona A Miami or other part America, but if he wants to, he can’t do that either. It has been revealed that Informal, Shakira She asked him not to proceed with the meeting where the divorce agreement was obtained and to go live. America Something that has already happened, after retiring from professional football.

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“That’s not going to happen. He won’t sign for Inter Miami. It’s true that the technical director is a close friend of his at Barça. But the ex-footballer’s intention is not to stay there longer than the custodial requirement of ten days a month, extra vacation. And, Shakira did not want to settle there And he asked him in the crowd”, the aforementioned media indicated, adding PQ Focuses on relationships with Clara Chia Marty And in their business Cosmos Global Holding.

Shakira, alone in Miami

Shakira She no longer wants to meet the father of her children and has forbidden it PQ to go Miami Be close to them. The ex-footballer and businessman gets a chance to see them 10 days a month and during holidays, but the singer doesn’t want to keep him on a daily basis, neither does he. Clara Chia MartyIn which she is said to already be in a relationship with Gerrard, in which she has been in a relationship for the past months. PQ Y Shakira. Conversations between prosecutors and detainees Milan Y Sasha, shared, but in different countries, the lives of former fashion couples are unlikely to meet again. For the benefit of all.

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