This is how the international media reacted to the election victory of News Ideas

Ahead of the new legislature, which will take office on May 1, some media outlets have described the country’s course as “uncertain” in which the ruling party’s new ideas will prevail.

Legislative and municipal elections, and the election of representatives to the Central American Congress on February 28, have been the subject of scrutiny by various international media outlets, which have observed the process from their own perspective.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Buckell “strengthens power amid fears of dictatorship” because his new Ideas Party will be the next political force until May 1.

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One year earlier, on February 9, 2020, President Naib Bukhale had entered the military-occupied legislature and seized the chairmanship of the organization.

In addition, the Los Angeles newspaper estimates that “it is not possible to experience a similar closeness (buckle) with President Biden, who has emphasized the spread of democracy and the fight against corruption in Central America” ​​because the President of Salvador was a former ally of President Donald Trump and described him as “cool”, in addition to being criticized by human rights defenders. Signed the immigration agreement.

Screenshot of an article published by the Los Angeles Times on March 1, 2021

For its part, the Spanish newspaper L. Paes described the trend of waiting for Naib Boukel in El Salvador after the victory of Nuevas Ideas as “uncertain”.

El Pas mentions the millionaire election campaign run by the New Ideas Party, which invested about $ 6.5 million, while other parties did not even reach one million in the ad, mainly because the government did not provide advances on political debt that different parties “did not consider it a priority”.

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Similarly, the Spanish newspaper highlights the uncertainty surrounding the study because of repeated allegations of corruption, unity, lack of transparency, and human rights abuses against the President of Salvador.

Screen shot of the note released by El Boss on March 1, 2021.

The English newspaper The Financial Times wrote that the success of the new ideas “strengthens the power of the dictatorial president of El Salvador” with the “massive” victory of the party of “populist” Naib Bukhale.

In addition, the FD noted that the ruling party’s legislative victory was a warning to Washington because of the “concerns” expressed by the Joe Biden administration over the government tactics used by Poodle.

Screen shot of the news published by The Financial Times on March 1, 2021.

He also echoed the words of Giancarlo Morelli, an economic intelligence analyst on Latin American and Caribbean issues, confirming that “such a sharp concentration of power would be detrimental to El Salvador’s young democracy.”

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On the other hand, one of the world’s most recognized newspapers, such as The New York Times, wins the ruling party’s election, giving Buckle’s party broad powers, to replace its fiercest opponents, including the attorney general, and appointing new members to the Supreme Court. May change the government in its image. “

Screenshot of an article published by The New York Times on March 01, 2020.

Another European media outlet, German Deutsche Welle, commented on the reactions of Naib Buchale and Xavier Sabla, the leader of New Ideas, on their social media during the election.

He also mentioned the precautionary measures taken by the Supreme Court (EC) against Bukhale for violating the election silence during the polls.

Screenshot of information shared by DW on March 1, 2021.

Already in the Central American region, the Guatemalan newspaper Brenza Libre took information from the British media BBC Mundo, which analyzed the role of the new legislature under the control of the President of Salvador.

“Since he became president, Bukeel has not only revealed key characteristics of the dictatorship, but has significantly weakened institutions and ignored many of the restrictions imposed on executive action,” one paragraph reads.

Details of the March 1, 2021 issue of the Guatemalan press release by Prinza Libre

90% of records were processed, The new Ideas Party will be able to get up to 56 delegates in the Assembly, while they will have the support of the 5 delegates held so far by the Ghana Party.

The new legislature is due to take office on May 1.

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