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Barcelona Sporting Club drew 1-1 with Emelec at the end of the game on Wednesday. Shipyard ClassicIt faces two important teams in Ecuador.

Thus, the local team, coached by Argentina’s Jorge Celico, had the first option to win the first leg of the Ecuadorian Football League at the end of this match which was still pending to play as part of the eleventh day.

Emelek advanced with a score from Colombian Alexis Zapada in the 81st minute, but Michael Carcellan equalized one minute at the end of the match.

The goal that gave Emelek the win was born out of an error in Barcelona’s exit from the defensive line, which Argentine goalkeeper Javier Puro also failed to control, which Zapada used.

A goal by Carcelan, who replaced Brazil’s Leonாய் Souza, shattered the joy of the emulsifiers who had battled it out in the last three rounds for a first – round victory.

For the team led by Spain coach Ismail Rescalvo, the draw ended with 22 points against Barcelona, ​​26, adding to the taste of defeat.

Celico, for his part, celebrated a sad draw as he stopped Emelec and moved away from second-placed Independente del Valle and Liga de Quito with 23 points, respectively.

The first runner-up ticket and the first classification for the group stage of the 2023 Copa Libertadores will end on the following three dates, in which Barcelona defeated one of the most complex rivals after Wednesday’s draw. Of the competition.

For its part, City drew 2-2 on October 9 in Guayaquil, with October 9 being postponed to the ninth due to the poor condition of the “Alberto Spencer” ground playing local games. Levels, with 7 points.

On the thirteenth, Barcelona will receive Deportivo Cuenca, who has stayed on past dates without a desire to win the first leg; Emelek will visit Orens, which is unlikely to reach first place.

In the meantime, the Independente will visit one of the Colistas, the university technician, and receive the Liga de Quito dolphin.

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