This is how Bizarrap is without glasses or a hat: Argentinian producer Gonzalo Julián Conde prefers to hide his identity because he “doesn’t need to show his face” | People | Entertainment

He Producer Argentina Strange He got great recognition worldwide Music and talent, though his identity is somewhat obscured behind his trademark dark glasses and a hat emblazoned with the words “BZRP.”

However, his recent success with Shakira in Session #53 piqued the interest of his followers and journalists, so they started spreading the word. Photographs yours Social websites Without these parts, so report Clarion.

Bisrab looks like this without his characteristic glasses

Although there are many pictures of Pisarap without his usual glasses and hat, he prefers to keep his identity hidden. A Interview With Spanish YouTuber Ibai PlainHe explained that he doesn’t need to show his face for his music to be successful.

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The Argentinian DJ and producer also said, “I don’t need to show my face to make the product I’m making better. Likewise, he likes to keep his personal life separate from his business so that he can be quiet when walking down the street without being recognized by fans.”

“I want to go out and be quiet. I talk about Bizarab in the third person, because for me Bizarab is one thing, my life is different. I feel like that, without this I am calm when I go down the street. A fanatic can pass by me and not feel it,” He commented.

However, all kinds of speculations are always made on social networks about her decision to cover her face with different types of glasses that hide her physique.

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Some say that there may be some facial defects or some complexity regarding the maker’s appearance. Others say it’s a marketing ploy to draw attention to their music careers.

Bizzrap’s success and recognition as a DJ and music producer

Gonzalo Julian Conte, popularly known as Pizarro, was born on August 28, 1998. Ramos MejiaProvince Buenos Aires. From a young age, he was interested in music, which is why he started producing his own songs in his room with a computer and a microphone.

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In 2017, Bizarrap begins to gain recognition Music scene Argentina for remixing popular artists’ songs. One of his first hits was the song “Ahora Dies”. Chris Jadeja.

Later, in 2018, he released his first original song, “BZRP Music Sessions #1,” featuring his vocals over beats of his own production. This session marked the beginning of what would become his trademark.

Thanks to these music sessions, the producer has already collaborated with various artists from the Argentine and international scenes. Nicky Jam, Anuel b, Resident, Nathi is fluffy, Nikki Nicole, cazzuamong others. (and)

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