This is Dua Lipa’s attractive father and why he is sweeping social networks

ABritish singer though Dua Lipa An international rock star, his father, Lipa of Dukaz, a 53-year-old music producer, sighs and is a very popular celebrity on social networks. On his Instagram account, he is almost 300 thousand followers, often posts about their careers, photo shoots, concerts, and award ceremonies, and their picture prompts many comments on Twitter from people who are inspired by their image. He mostly uses it to share pictures of his travels and the recitals he goes to, usually always with his family. As if being next to the actor, he also uploads photos of himself with celebrities Leonardo DiCaprio. “Yeah, I know about it. We find it funny. We don’t talk about it much,” the singer told Insider.

Like her daughter, she has always been associated with the world of music, in fact He was a rocker in the 90s: Collaborated in several bands and was the vocalist of the group “Ota” which disbanded in 1998. He then began his path as a music producer, which continues to this day. He plays piano and guitar with his wife Anesa Lipa, were responsible for developing Dua’s taste in music, making her listen to Oasis, David Bowie, Blur and Stereophonics since she was a girl. Dukazhin heads the Republic Communications Company, which has been the organizer of the international festival “Sunny Hill Festival” since 2018.

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