This is Britney Spears’ trial: the indictment against the father and the new lawyer

Sets the ACLU position in the case of Britney Spears 0:41

Britney Spears won a rare victory in court today when a Los Angeles County judge granted her request to appoint her own attorney. Security.

This is what happened at the trial:

New lawyer: Spears hires former federal attorney Matthew Rosencard, who attended Wednesday’s hearing. The decision comes after Spears told Judge Brenda Penny at a hearing last month that he wanted to appoint his own lawyer to defend himself. At the trial, he said, his conservatives forced him to act, take lithium and continue to use a contraceptive method against his will.

Demand for Justice: Spears said he would like to lay formal charges against his father Jamie for his role as a defender. “I want to accuse my father of abusing the guard,” Spears said while speaking on the phone in court, sometimes bursting into tears. “I want to press charges against my father today,” Spears said. “I want an investigation on my dad.”

Heartbreaking testimony: At one point during the interrogation, Spears said of the detainees: “I thought they were trying to kill me.” “If it’s not abuse, I do not know what it is,” the singer said. Spears told the court he did not want to be assessed for removing his father from the guard. He said he had “severe abandonment issues”.

This is what the new lawyer says: Spears’ new lawyer asked his father, Jamie, to voluntarily drop the guard, arguing that it was in his client’s “best interest.” “Jamie Spears should be removed as a conservative because it is in the best interests of the student,” Matthew Rosenkard, a former federal lawyer and senior entertainment lawyer, told the court Wednesday. “We will move quickly and aggressively to remove him. The question remains: why is he involved? He must resign voluntarily because it is in the best interests of the ward,” he added.

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Matthew Rosencord (Credit: AB / Chris Pisello)

Previous Legal Representation: Since Spears’ Defender began in 2008, Samuel D. Ingam was his public defender. Attorney Spears submitted his request to resign on July 6 after criticizing him Ask the court to allow him to hire his own lawyer. In filing, Ingham said the resignation will take effect when a new public defender is appointed to Spears.

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