“This is a ridiculous way”


George “El Satten” Enriquez landed in controversy with Honduran Carlos “Muma” Fernandez In Venados FC, Mexico’s Expansion League.

In an interview Medium time The Aztec player broke the silence and explained that he had not addressed Catrocho with racist comments at any point since last Tuesday’s game ended 2-2 against Poomas Tabasco.

Official statement from Venados FC regarding the surprise departure of “Muma” Fernandes

“Nothing happened normally. In a football game, we were eliminated with less than one player on the team, the game was in balance and it was painful for us. Until then, nothing has happened, ”he began.

And I add: “The team was generally angry and injured as a result, but we talked about what happened to this player. He was not told anything.In general, there was strong talk, and that’s what happened.

“El Satan” promises to surprise himself with the way “Muma” Fernandez Venados left FC after Clausura was one of the reinforcements for 2022.

“I’m seen it everywhere, it’s happened to me many times, I thought I ‘ve seen it all, but I’ll never in my life seen a player leave the team because of a circumstance. No one here treated him badly or did anything to get him out.

And followed: “Professionally speaking, I think it’s an absurd way to leave a team that has treated you well. I saw everything in football, I thought I did not see this, on the 4th a player leaves a team without a low player, I tried to talk to him so he would be with us and eventually there is not a single player who does not want to be where you can be.

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Jorge Enriquez considers himself an honest and multi-valued man who maintains that he never insulted a Honduran player.

El Vida officially authorizes the signature of Carlos “Muma” Fernandez

“It’s been fighting for years to eradicate discrimination, arrogance, homosexuality and racism. I represent the company with.He closed.

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