Third suspect arrested in $1.8 million jewelry robbery at Macy's – Telemundo Miami (51)

MIAMI, FL – Justice has prevailed after several months of intense searching. Jose Carlos Solano Montellier, the third man allegedly involved in the mask robbery at the Macy's store located in the Westland shopping center in Hialeah, has finally been arrested and is behind bars.

Eddie Rodriguez, of the Hialeah Police Department, commented, “Solano did a very good job of continuing to elude investigators. He arrived at the airport very confident to go on a trip to Cuba, and that's when the officers discovered he was there.” “They were able to detain them.”

Last Tuesday witnessed the end of the escape of Solano Montellier (33 years old), who appeared in court the next day to face the charges against him. “He already had a history of doing similar types of fraud…and since this was a $1.8 million felony, they denied him bail,” Rodriguez added.

The robbery, which took place between February 10 and 11, 2023, was recorded in photos that showed three suspects forcefully entering the store and looting it for more than three hours, focusing on the jewelry and perfume sections. Roberto Sanchez, 60, and Javier de la Noval Lopez, 37, were arrested shortly after what happened as suspects in the case. With the arrest of José Carlos Solano Montellier, all those involved in the robbery were arrested.

The judge denied bail for Solano Montellier due to the main charge of grand larceny, so he remained in jail. Facing three other charges, bail was set at more than $500,000. “All those involved in the robbery that occurred last year at the Macy's store here in Hialeah have already been arrested,” Rodriguez stressed.

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The arrest of Solano Montellier represents an important step in the fight against crime and sends a clear message that crimes of this magnitude will not go unpunished.

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