They will paint three icons of science in blocks I and II of the UNSL

Art and science were the two pillars on which the change of time towards modernity was built. Pinta San Luis will consecrate both foundations of civilization with large murals in blocks I and II of the UNSL, which will feature three icons that marked scientific milestones, a work that will be specified by an agreement between the provincial government and the house of studies.

The head of the Pinta San Luis Program, Rocío Agüero García, confirmed that the works would begin at the end of May, since the administrative process of the agreement signed in August between the two organizations has yet to be completed and that today will have an important advance with the opening of envelopes of a tender for the hiring of equipment for tasks at height.

“The Province is going to make a total investment of five million pesos to have these tools, while the university will be in charge of providing the necessary materials to carry out the intervention, such as the paintings,” explained Agüero García. .

The three historical figures of science that will be reflected in the UNSL are the physicist Albert Einstein; his colleague and two-time Nobel laureate, Marie Curie; and the 19th century chemist, Dmitri Mendeleev, who stood out for being the author of the theory that led to the making of the periodic table of elements.

“The work will be carried out by the artists Víctor Canaviri, Betiana Sosa and Marcelo Pérez, who will have the assistance of four other colleagues and members of our crews in the mixing and preparation of the paint. The idea is to represent the greats of physics, mathematics and chemistry, all disciplines that have to do with the careers that are taught in the two buildings of the university, “said the head of Pinta San Luis, who added that they will employ techniques of “pop”, “to make it more pleasant and not so formal”.

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The deadline for completion of both murals is expected to be at the end of July and beginning of August, a prudent time in case climatic factors delay the completion of the artistic works on the external walls of blocks I and II, which have 140 meters long by 13 high each. The third intervention will be on the cylindrical wall that covers the fire escape, located between both structures on Avenida Ejército de los Andes.

During the signing of the agreement with the Government in 2020, the rector of the UNSL anticipated that the idea was to replicate the work with Pinta San Luis in the Mixed Normal School, although there are still no confirmations for its realization.

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