They smashed him into a table

The name Bad Bunny is back to ring social networks and once again he acted in an incredible scene that went viral on social networks.

Granted, this time it has nothing to do with a fan desperate for a phone or a new record with one of his songs. It was a moment that created controversy and mixed reactions among his supporters.

During a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) televised event on Monday Night Raw at the Arena in Los Angeles, California, Bad Bunny was chosen to represent WWE Backlash. However, it was ultimately believed that he only went as a spectator as he did not appear in the ring.

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However, this all changed within minutes of a fighter jet named ‘Rey Mysterio’ encountering a young American He loses with help from another fighter, ‘Dominic’.

That’s when the fight started between the Puerto Rican and the ‘Dominic’.

Following this, the real dispute began. After ‘Bad Rabbit’ punched the man, another wrestler lifted him over the railing, slammed him, and then threw him over one of the tables in the venue.

The facts were recorded by hundreds of fans present at the venueAs well as through official WWE channels, who uploaded the clips to their social networks after a few minutes.

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Additionally, a few videos were also released in which she was seen in agony as she accompanied the staff to what appeared to be the venue’s dressing rooms.

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What is WWE?

WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) is an American sports entertainment company dedicated to the production and broadcasting of professional wrestling events. It was founded in 1952 as Capital Wrestling Corporation and evolved over the years to become the largest wrestling organization in the world.

It organizes and produces live events, television shows, movies and wrestling related products. Additionally, it features a cast of fighters who play fictional roles and compete in matches in a ring.

Its importance is such that the company is considered a benchmark in the world of sports entertainment.

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