“They slept in the hotel”

Miss Universe 1995, Alicia Machado, Left everyone on the balcony with their mouths open Kimberly Flores And Roberto RomanoThey were isolated before entering, as he promised, “they slept in the hotel.” Famous house. Controversial actress Kim has also revealed that she is ready to give up everything for her quick love.

Of course, things within Famous house They are increasingly tense and hot, and almost two months after they began airing, more and more scandals are being discovered. The most recent is related to the Guatemala model, Kimberly Flores, Gave her a lot to talk about while she was staying at home, and they accused her of being unfaithful Alicia Machado Confirmed secretly, but, frankly, we all hear through the hidden microphones of the isolated compound.

Since the beginning of the reality show, the wife of the singer of La Dragolos de Monterrey, Edwin Moon, And actor Roberto Romano, They raised the suspicion that there was something other than friendship between them, at the time, only flirting in front of cameras like “innocent” kisses, hugs and frictions were speculated.

Times and guidelines stopped shortly after Romano ignored her and started flirting with the actress from Una Familia Con Sierra. Alicia Machado. However, the problems inside the house did not stop, so now that things have cooled between Roberto and Alicia, he aired the intimacy of the player described as “Don Juan” and flirted with them, he promises he will not enter the reality show completely alone.

“I already know everything. The necklace he was wearing was given to him by a woman who was waiting for him. He told her he loved her. He threw the dog at Veronica, he threw the dog at Kim, that is, they brought something. They went to bed at the hotel,” he said. Said.

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Recall that a few weeks ago, Flores left by her own decision Famous house, Her husband Edwin Luna went to her and asked her to leave the competition due to some problems with her children and rumors coming out of the house loudly.

Although we believe everything is there, this rumor has recently been updated, however, not yet Kimberly Flores Nor did her husband comment on it.

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However, as the fire requires more wood, Roberto Romano He spoke with another resident of the house, Christian de la Campa, who confirmed that he had actually slept with her. Kimberly Flores, Even if he promises to stop everything for the model’s kids, don’t get into trouble.

“I joined the two of them here, but until I stopped, not from Alicia, but from the other side, because I said I would not go …”, he revealed.

“What happened before I met her, happened before. When it happened I said ‘it ends here, it starts here, it ends here’ (…) because they have kids, I’m not going to get involved in P … (…) The only thing I thought was, I … did not mean clear distance, here I was with Alicia except I played with her like a little hand. If I was there …, I would accept it, “he said.

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