They screen a video clip of Patria Y Vita with Yodule, Gente de Sona, Decimer Bhuveno, McClellan Osorbo and El Funky

1 | 17/02/2021 – 4:44 am (GMT-4)

The new theme of urban music that has already reached the ears of Cubans, Homeland and life, Also released his video on Tuesday.

This is the end of the Cuban regime and the dedication of Cuba’s independence to Macaulay Osorbo, El Funky, Yoduel, Gente de Sona, Dessemer Bueno and other Cuban musicians.

The video is an extraordinary event, thanks to the union of this star team shown in the singing video from Miami and Havana.

The movement was in charge of Asian Popastro, one of the favorite conductors of urban music in Cuba, and artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcondara had a special appearance, working with the San Isitro movement to create the song’s rejecting empathy.

“It’s over, the Cuban government, which has held power for more than 60 years under the dictatorship of one party, has been locked out of the domino for 60 years,” it says.

Video replaces images of prominent musicians with excerpts from recent videos highlighting repression in Cuba Young Cuban Louis Robles demonstration at Boulevard de San RafaLast December, an attack on the San Isitro movement and a demonstration by artists took place on November 27 in front of the Ministry of Culture.

In a video call made by artists before the video was released, Osorbo and Odero Alcandara noticed that everyone who appeared in the clip was in black, connected by their humble appearance and the neighborhood pages where they grew up.

The song proposes a new slogan instead of the old and stubborn official “father or death” used by the government: “No more shouting about motherland or death, but father and life”, sung emotionally by Alexander of Gente de Sona.

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The images in the video show the Burning Tribune, a symbol of the end of official Cuban ideology and a possible reference to creation. Platform for Democratic Peace, Written by Cuban painter Antonia Eris, which was censored in 1967 by the Fidel Castro government.

The portrait of Martin with the image of George Washington also guides the video, a clear reference to the democratic principles of historical figures and a visual resource that brings American immigrants closer to the island’s Cubans.

In just a few hours this Tuesday, the video has already surpassed 25,700 views and has all the votes to become the anthem sung by many Cubans demanding political and economic freedom and the end of dictatorship from the Cuban government.

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