They say that William Levy found Elizabeth Gutierrez with a famous radio host

The relationship between William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez lies at the heart of corruption. After announcing their separation a few weeks ago, police reports of the Cuban actor's infidelities, family conflicts and civil strife came to light.

These events, without a doubt, bear that out The split between Elizabeth and William Levy was amicable. He exposed his relationship conflicts which tragically affected the dynamics of the family. While William lived with his son, Elizabeth Gutierrez moved into an apartment with her daughter.

As if that wasn't enough, video of the March 2, 2024 incident was leaked to the media last week, showing Miami police arriving at William Levy and Elizabeth's home and demanding that officers remove a woman. Actor's House

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Javier Ceriani says that William found Elizabeth Gutierrez with another woman

And after William's alleged unfaithfulness with Elizabeth Guterres, 'No Gossip' declared that he infected her with the disease. However, so far Elizabeth has not made any statement in this regard.

The driver also said William found Elizabeth Gutierrez with the radio host. Javier Ceriani said a source close to the couple revealed to him that Elizabeth Gutierrez accepted that William Levy brought other women; According to Cheriani, she accepted the deal because she was so in love that their relationship would change. However, when William found Elizabeth with a woman, which would have been the breaking point, fueling distrust and worsening the relationship crisis. According to Javier, this finally led to their separation.

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“It's a bombshell. Allegedly and allegedly, William broke into the house where he lived with Elizabeth and found his wife with a famous radio host who is very powerful in Miami,” commented Javier Ceriani.

It would have been the trigger to end it all. “The only thing I'm going to say is that the radio host is very popular, very attractive, very blonde, and her name starts with the letter R,” Ceriani said of the woman William allegedly saw his wife in chat with.

Internet users suspect the radio host who is a friend of Elizabeth Gutierrez

On social networks, internet users tried to guess that Roxana García, the voice of the radio show 'Tartes Calientes', could represent Roxana Garcia, based on the characteristics mentioned by Ceriani. Elizabeth shared on her social media that she and Roxana have a great friendship.

It should be noted that Cheriani never revealed the woman's name, so it is not known who the speaker she is referring to actually is. Until now, Elizabeth Gutierrez has not commented on this information released by the program Don't like gossip.

Elizabeth Gutierrez smiling with Roxana García / Instagram: @gutierrezelizabeth

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