They say Gropo has split from Firm: Johnny Cass appears alone at the concert and sends a strong message

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Mexico City.- Yesterday afternoon Saturday 25th June Johnny Goss He performed at a concert without the company of his famous brother. Eduin CosAnd immediately rumors began to emerge Organizational Committee There will be a risk of separation. In an exclusive interview for the show Joy Come: WeekendTranslator of 29 years He stood up against speculation and sent a strong message.

Yesterday Johnny was crowned the gay king of XLIV LGBTTTIQ + Bright March And hosted a free concert on CDMX’s Zócalo because he is an ambassador for the rights of this community. In December 2020, the singer openly declared himself gay during an interview with his brother Edu, and admitted that he was in a relationship with someone else, thus silencing his fans.

Johnny was engaged to a young man named Jonathan Bencomo, with whom he had been in a relationship for 5 years, and asked her to marry him at one of his concerts last year. The song was performed by a band from the state of Sinaloa The world is at your feet. Bencomo went on stage and knelt in front of her famous boyfriend, who immediately said “yes” and confirmed their love promise with a kiss.

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Before leaving the stage yesterday afternoon, reporters VLA: Weekend Approaching the third voice of the “event committee” of the Mexican region and asking him if their separation was real, he flatly denied it. First, he stressed that his famous brother, who is the main voice of Grubo Firmi, is very good. Happiness That he participated in the Gay Pride celebrations.

He’s happy in life, he’s like to send me photos, what do you do?

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Later, Johnny was directly asked if he planned to leave Gropo to start his solo career, so he replied: “No, no and no. I would not have seen myself on stage without my brothers.” Similarly, reporters questioned whether the singer thought he could leave the Eduy group, and he categorically denied it: “No, I don’t think so, of course not,” Cass explained.

Similarly, the young singer of such songs Pass me by, The Panther Con Y Toxic He said he did not like singing alone on stage and how he felt about being solo at the event: “I definitely miss my brothers, my brothers strengthen me, I’m used to sharing these beautiful moments with my colleagues, my brothers, but I have received messages from them all day. To conclude, Johnny said he had no controversy over the pick as everyone thinks.

They are just children’s fights, thank God we have a lot of contact and a respectful relationship that makes us feel good, ”he said openly.

Source: Tribune and Instagram vengalaalegriatva

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