They revealed the “ambush” they did to Lisa Minnell at the Oscars

This year’s Oscars will be remembered as an inevitable disaster in Hollywood history. No one will remember for a moment that CODA was the hit movie of the night, but the so-called slapgate, violent reaction captured by the cameras in front of Will Smith will be on everyone’s mind. Comedian Chris Rock jokingly said he spent time with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith.

Now a new nonsense is known, because one of the few successes of the gala production seems to be the “sabotage” in which Lady Gaga appeared with Lisa Minnelli to present the award for Best Picture. Just moments before the Dolby Theater’s appearance on the stage before the eyes of the world, the legendary star was in a state of tension and bewilderment.

A few days ago, Minelli’s friend singer Michael Feinstein explained this on the radio show The Jess Cage Show, in which he said behind the scenes of the moment when all the newspapers of the night were highlighted as one of the most important. Positive scenes of a night to forget.

The daughter of Hollywood cinema greats Judy Garland and Vincent Minelli – the figure of Lady Gaga with Minelli – touched many with care and tenderness. Of the artist. According to Feinstein, who was behind the scenes at the academy, Minnelli was “forced” by the production to appear in a wheelchair, although he stipulated that the most anticipated type of night should be presented. On stage was a director sitting in a chair.

I know the talk of “sabotage” is a bit strong, but Lisa only agreed to go to the Oscars if she was sitting in that chair because she has some back pain issues. He told them: ‘You do not want me to see you lame. I want to be beautiful and I don’t want them to care about me. However, five minutes before we left the stage, she was already seated in a chair, and I think the assistant director had to get out of her wheelchair because of all the hustle and bustle of the ceremony, ”Feinstein said in detail. The Smith incident and, according to him, how it affected all plans for the Oscars.

His friend says that although Minnelli initially rejected the change, there was no time to get the product to change its mind. The disagreement, logically, caused a lot of nervousness and discomfort for the artist, who won an Oscar for his role in the movie Cabaret.

“She was shocked and distracted by all the changes, so she gave the impression that something was wrong with her, but it wasn’t. Lisa is so good,” Feinstein said, referring to some of the artist’s physical abuse, as did his former press agent Scott Gorenstein.

As Kornstein told the New York Post, Minnelli, who has undergone four hip replacement surgeries, three knee surgeries and one spinal surgery in recent years, “enjoys life without the need to appear on camera.”

“Since she was born, she has been under pressure to act, which is why in recent years, she has had the opportunity to relax and be happy without stress,” explained the representative who encouraged her to accept the academy’s invitation. At the explicit request of Lady Gaga.

“Lisa is a Legend and deserves Academy Awards,” her friend concluded, adding that like the rest of the world, this look could not be expected to be marked at the most devastating Oscars ever. Found.

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