They reveal further details about the health of Juan Pablo Medina after losing a leg

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New details about the actor’s condition Juan Pablo Medina After it was revealed, they have come to light Had to be disconnected due to thrombosis.

In the project Window (TV Azteca) “Very close and reliable sources” confirmed that “thrombosis” occurred in the “aortic” artery.

“It affected the intestines and it appears they have to extract them to do all the treatments,” the journalist said. Rosario Murietta.

He said, “Then he hit the legs. They were able to save one leg, not the other.”

“He mentions that from this whole situation he was very traumatic, very painful, very difficult, but it was fine,” he added.

This week, on the show First hand (Imagen Televisión), from which it was announced that the actor House of flowers (Netflix) was hospitalized and had his leg amputated.

IG Juan Pablo Medina

“Initially when they were filming a series, he started to feel bad and was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with thrombosis,” the journalist said. Eduardo Carrillo. “Because of this, he was told one of his legs had to be amputated to save his life.”

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On the same show, the journalist Mariana Zepeda The 43-year-old actor said he was “a little quiet, he went to the apartment yesterday, he was able to eat a little, a little more stable.”

Currently the actor’s family has not released any statement on the situation. His representative only posted a brief statement on social media, where he said that Medina had gone into a “state of ill health” and that he was “stable and recovering”, although he did not provide further details.

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