They report a young man in Guahtemoc who went missing in Juárez

City of Juarez.- A teenager who went missing in Ciudad Juárez in 2018 was found by investigative staff of the Western District District Attorney’s Office in the municipality of Cuauhtémoc.

According to the State Investigation Agency, Brian Alejandro was 13 years old when he left Ciudad Juárez on a “raid” with the driver of a cargo truck to Guadeloupe, and when he arrived in the city he started asking for jobs. Help on public roads to survive and he went to a farm to work and earn money.

During his absence from his relatives in Juarez, he did not contact them because he did not have their phone numbers.

In a statement, the state attorney general’s office indicated he was in the Republic neighborhood, where investigative agents conducted interviews with people who provided data matching the characteristics of the man who went missing on October 7, 2018.

He indicated that he was currently living with the young woman and that she was his emotional partner, so once the identity and contact of the person who filed the missing persons report was confirmed, the missing person’s investigation file was closed.

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