They release the audio that is said to be the reason for Moisin’s widow, in which he explains the reasons for the assassination of the Haitian president | International | News


An audio message to Martin Moyes, the widow of the assassinated Haitian president Jovnell Moyes, was posted on his official Twitter account this Saturday, confirming he was “alive” and launching political news.

A Haitian government spokesman confirmed the authenticity of the record, which states that Moisin’s widow was heard being hospitalized in the United States and, according to the latest information available, was in critical condition.

In the audio, which lasts two minutes and twenty seconds, the voice attributes the armed attack to “mercenaries” and links the motive for the assassination to the president’s desire to hold a referendum to ratify the new constitution.

“You know who the president fought against. They sent mercenaries to assassinate the president at home and with his entire family because he wanted roads, water, elections and a referendum at the end of the year (they killed him) so there will be no change in the country,” the audio says. .

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In a political tone, he promised that “the mercenaries who assassinated the president are in prison, but there are other mercenaries who want to assassinate the president’s dream” and that was the idea he had for the country.

The news comes after several Haitian opposition figures questioned the official version that the assassination was ordered by Colombian mercenaries.

About 17 former Colombian soldiers are among the 28 people involved in the assassination of Haitian President Juan Jolie

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Moyes was killed and his wife were injured in what became known as the 28th Armed Forces attack, but no official information has been released on the health of the security guards guarding the presidential residence.

Hours after the attack, Martin Moise was transferred by ambulance to Miami, USA last Wednesday and was treated at a hospital in the city.

Last Thursday, the mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, and Congresswoman Frederica Wilson said the status of the first lady was “stable, but dangerous.” (I)

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