They propose to increase the minimum wage to $25 an hour for these workers in the United States

Authorities in Los Angeles, California, are proposing to raise the minimum wage for some workers up to $25.00 an hour. Official data reveals that the cost of living in the area has exceeded current wages.

The famous city of the American West is poised to host many international events in the coming years. Consequently, the city authorities decided to raise the minimum wage from $16.00 to $25.00.

It is estimated that there are 36 thousand workers who benefited from this economic increase. Specifically, those who work in tourism and healthcare will benefit. Another good news is that wages are expected to increase to $30.00 per hour before 2030.

Who will be eligible?

Los Angeles officials emphasized that the proposal would directly benefit employees at area hotels with 60 rooms or more. The same thing will happen to those who have seats at LAX. For example, the list would include janitors, aircraft cabin cleaners, airline caterers, and security officers.

The idea of ​​raising the wages of thousands of city workers comes at a crucial moment. As mentioned above, Los Angeles will host global events such as the Football Cup in 2026, as well as the Olympic Games in 2028. Economists have already predicted that competitions of this level will generate millions of dollars in daily income for the city.

Tourism contributes billions of dollars to our economy. Businesses that benefit from the work of tourism employees can afford to provide good jobs with fair wages.” Experts from the Los Angeles Council office commented on Twitter.

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“The Living Wage Movement is an act of social justice. Here in Los Angeles, nearly 9 in 10 tourism workers are people of color,” the analysts added.

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